Should You Use Software To Pick Powerball Numbers?

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    Shaun Greer
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Despite misconceptions, many suggest it’s not advantageous to let computer software choose your Powerball numbers for you.

Nowadays, software programs can do just about anything, even picking Powerball numbers for you. The fact is, software has been used to pick winning number combinations for years, and it's won some pretty big jackpots in the process. But does software actually increase your odds of winning when playing Powerball?

That remains to be seen. But if you're interested in letting the software do the picking for you, we have a few insights that may help you decide whether or not allowing the program to pick your Powerball numbers will work best for you.

Software Is People-Driven

Software is designed by people who know what they are doing, so the possibility exists that the software could be designed specifically for playing Powerball and create better results than randomly selecting numbers on your own. It’s a sound theory. But because winning the Powerball jackpot is entirely random, the likelihood of there being an advantage is slim to non-existent. There is no sure-fire way to even design a program capable of predicting which balls get chosen.

Software As a Tool for Recognizing Trends

Instead of just picking numbers, maybe software can be used in other ways. What software can do really well is process analytics. Some believe it might even be able to help you make better decisions on which Powerball numbers are worth playing. Software also has the advantage of recognizing and analyzing patterns, like how many times the number seven is drawn or how many times the number 37 isn’t drawn.

However, it’s important to remember that Powerball numbers are randomly selected, never based on past selections. Identifying past trends in previous Powerball games still won’t likely be any more effective than your own intuition at picking winning combinations.

Because patterns don't apply when numbers are randomly selected, and the odds are the same regardless of who or what generates them, software might not help at all. And if that weren't murky enough of an answer, also consider that software doesn't eliminate risk entirely since there's still a possibility that it could give you bad advice or not produce any results for whatever reason.

Powerball Software is Convenient

If there is one genuine and honest benefit of using software to pick your Powerball numbers, it's the sheer convenience involved. Whether you're buying a ticket online or in your local convenience store, you may not have time to agonize over which numbers to play. And if you're in a hurry but want to try your luck, auto-generated numbers are the quickest way to get your Powerball ticket. This level of convenience, allowing software to generate numbers for you, makes it that much easier to play. And the more often you play, the more chances you have of winning.

Keep Doing What You’re Doing, or Don’t

If you choose your own Powerball numbers, keep doing so. If you tend to buy your tickets based on the computer's selection, don't feel obligated to change your habit. In the end, random is random. But if you feel the need to change things up from your normal playing routines, don’t be afraid to do that either. Ultimately, there is no clear winner between trusting your gut or putting your fate in the electronic auto-selection. You might as well just play how you please.

Powerball number picking software is an interesting topic that has the potential to be helpful. But it's important to remember not to get too excited about it. No amount of software can increase your odds of winning Powerball by picking numbers for you. Regardless of which side you decide to take in this debate, we encourage everyone playing Powerball just to have fun in the process.

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