Should you play the Most-Pulled Numbers

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Should you play the Most-Pulled Numbers
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    William Monroe
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A look at how you can sway the odds with hot numbers

Most lottery players have their own system of picking out their numbers. Some use birthdates, others use anniversaries, and others pull numbers out of a hat. Some players, though, always play the most frequently drawn numbers for their tickets for each game they play. Frequently drawn numbers are the numbers published by the operator of the top number of times each number has been pulled in draws.

Most operators post this list on their website for consumers to view. Players like to see what numbers are drawn most often. And some play the top numbers expecting to hopefully hit the jackpot, as the belief is that the most frequently pulled numbers have a better chance of being pulled on each draw.

So Should You Select the Most Drawn?

However, this belief is not without a great deal of flaws. Since every number has the exact equal chance of being pulled, playing the top pulled numbers actually provides no advantage or increase in odds of any top pulled number to actually be pulled. And the list of top pulled numbers is not indicative in the number of jackpots or wins that those numbers have been part of. This is simply a list of numbers pulled most frequently for both winning combinations and non-winning combinations. Any number that is pulled in a draw can actually change the list of the most pulled numbers in either direction.

Anything Could Be Drawn!

However, these types of players will also go the opposite way never ever play least pulled numbers, thinking that these numbers have little chance of being pulled on any draw. Again, since number selection is random, there is no guarantee that any number won’t be pulled in any draw. The last type of pulled number that some players will only play is the overdue number. These are lottery numbers that have not been pulled in a very long time, so some players play these numbers thinking that since they are “overdue” to be pulled, they most likely will be pulled on the current draw, so players choose these numbers for their ticket. Again, since every single number has the same equal chase of being drawn, playing overdue numbers make little sense, as does playing most pulled or least pulled numbers.

So taking all of this information together, lists of the most pulled, least pulled, and overdue numbers gives you no advantage at all in hitting any particular number or sequence. However, you can play these types of numbers just for fun, or to see what might happen, and who knows, these playing methods might just work out in your favour.

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