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Should you Play Every Lottery Game Available
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    William Monroe
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Is it better to play all the games your lottery has on offer?

Gaming operators run several lottery games over the course of a week to try to cater to a wide variety of players, so they can take in the most money possible With so many games available, try to decide what games are most appealing to them; ones with the high jackpots, ones with more than one draw per week, or draws for specific prize amounts or prize award types like cash or cars? Most people only play the games that they are attracted to.Does that mean that if you want the best chance of winning, you should play every draw available every week?

Well, if you did that then you would be spending quite a bit of money over the long term. Even buying one ticket for every game draw would run you quite a lot of cash.. However, on the other side of it, playing one ticket for every game draw per week, ensures that you are covered for all the games, not just ones you happen to like better, and at least hopefully get you a prize win, even if it is a free ticket.

So Should You Play All the Draws?

So is it in your interest to play every game a lottery operator offers every week? The answer is eally, no. You get no advantage in the odds of winning anything, and some of the larger amounts on some games may be just a higher, but not high, win on other games. For instance, if one game has the jackpot at $50,000, but another game has $50,000 as a mid-level prize, is it really beneficial to play both, or should you play the first game for the 50k jackpot that is hard to hit, or the game with 50k mid-level where you have the chance of winning a bigger jackpot?

For some of the games, do you really care about playing them? Just because they are available doesn’t mean that they attract your interest or desire. Each game is designed with a certain demographic of player in mind. There could be two lottery games that actually are almost exactly the same, but the graphics and name may be different. If you play games in which you have no interest at all, it isn’t going to be as fun or exciting as the games you really enjoy buying tickets for.

Pick a Game You Love

The whole purpose of the lottery is for a player to play the games they like on a regular basis, with the opportunity to possibly win anything from a fee ticket up to the jackpot. Playing the lottery should be fun and exciting, not mechanical and boring. If you play every game offered every week, all you are doing is throwing money at the lottery without caring what game you play or what game you win. Where is the fun in that type of play?

Therefore, the best thing to do is decide what lottery games give you the thrill and excitement of playing. Decide how often you are going to buy tickets. Stay with those games and don’t bother with the others. Those other games have their own fan base that keeps them alive. Stay with the fun and pleasure of playing your favourite lottery games for the best lottery experience.

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