7 Strategies & Tips for Playing Powerball Wisely

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    Shaun Greer
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Play Powerball the smart way by following these tips and strategies, intended for Powerball players to have fun and enjoy the game, without going overboard.

It gets exciting when the Powerball jackpot climbs to an all-time high. Your wheels are turning as you consider all the things you could do with millions of dollars: buy a house, pay off all the bills, travel, and help people. Despite how tempting it might be to go all in and overspend on tickets, you’ll want to be wise about playing Powerball. Stick to these Powerball playing tips and strategies so you can play Powerball the smart way. Avoid common mistakes others make and keep yourself from being swept up in the thrill of the game.

1. Don’t count on winnings as your only source of income

Don’t consider playing Powerball your main way to pay your daily bills. While the possibilities of hitting a big jackpot ARE real, the odds of winning big are 1 in 292 million. And even if you become one of the lucky Powerball winners eventually, you’ll likely have to pay some bills in the meantime. So, instead of banking on a Powerball win to pay off debts, create a strategy for yourself that’s realistic with the means and resources you have now. If you do end up winning a Powerball prize, consider it extra cash to just help your financial situation.

2. Have a budget in mind and stick to it

Powerball play is meant to be fun, not wallet-draining. It’s a great idea to have a set budget in mind of how much you will spend, and when that threshold is reached, walk away. Almost all states that offer online Powerball play also feature a Daily Loss Limit, which allows you to determine your spending limit. However you choose to set limits, just remember to commit to a threshold that fits your budget.

3. Don’t borrow money to fund your Powerball ticket purchases

When you’re on a winning streak, it’s hard to stop playing, especially when you have reached your spending limit. It’s tempting to consider a payday loan or bank loan, but don’t do it! Compromising your credit rating and putting yourself further into debt isn’t going to put you in a better financial position. And it takes away from the very reason you’ve put a spending limit in place, which is to protect your money.

4. Play with friends or coworkers

The adage that there’s strength in numbers rings true here, too. Playing in groups pre-determines a player’s spending limit, and therefore keeps players from busting their budget. Once the tickets are purchased, the group agrees upon an even split of the winnings, if any. When several people play Powerball together, you can essentially increase your odds of winning with more tickets in play. And it also brings a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, adding to the fun of playing.

5. Keeping it real…as in attitude

While it is easy to get carried away with the thought of becoming a millionaire, maintaining a realistic attitude when playing Powerball is important. Being realistic means that you’ll have a watchful eye on spending, knowledge of the game, and an understanding of the odds of winning. Keeping an open mind and a positive attitude about the game keeps you pointed in the right direction of continuing responsible play. It’s ok to be impulsed at the gas station once in a while to buy a Powerball ticket. However, stay realistically grounded mentally and focus on the fun of the game.

6. Admit when it becomes a problem

Despite all the warnings and admonitions of playing responsibly, players can get carried away and find themselves in a predicament. It can become a spending problem, and awareness is the first step to resolving the issue. There are many resources available to help players find support and guidance with gambling addictions.

7. Protect your ticket

Unbelievable as it sounds, large jackpot winners have walked away empty-handed because they’ve misplaced their winning tickets or didn’t secure them properly. It is the only proof you will have that the numbers match the drawing. If you lose your Powerball ticket, put it through the wash, or don’t sign the back of it, you’re out of luck. So, keep your tickets in a safe place every time you play.

Playing Powerball is thrilling and fun, regardless of the jackpot prize of the moment. But be smart and play responsibly, keeping these tips in mind.

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