Self-Control - Options to Help you not Overspend

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Self-Control - Options to Help you not Overspend
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    William Monroe
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Although playing the lottery can be fun and exciting, some people tend to overspend on their lottery budget and a few of those may become addicted to playing the lottery.

This can cause all sorts of issues not only for the lottery player themselves, but for family and friends as well. Although there are many ways to deal with overspending and addiction, several self-control options are readily available to help you deal with it.


Self-exclusion is where you let the gaming operator know that you wish to be banned from the venue to prevent you from buying lottery tickets there.

Using photo handouts and/or facial recognition cameras and software, you will be flagged and approached if you are found to be on the property. You will be obligated to hand over any lottery tickets that you have purchased and are not reimbursed for the money spent.

If you happen to sneak a ticket with you while you are being escorted off the property, anything you win will not be paid out to you.

And though self-exclusion is great for casinos and bingo halls where lottery tickets are sold, it is not available at other types of retailers, so you can still buy tickets at these places and the self-exclusion option will not help you at all in this instance.


However, in most jurisdictions, gambling helpline numbers or websites are posted at or near lottery terminals at retailers.

If you don’t see the information, ask the retailer if they can provide it to you. You can also check online for problem gambling organizations in your area (like Gamblers Anonymous) whose social design is geared towards support and understanding of your situation.

In some jurisdictions with casinos and bingo halls that sell lottery tickets, there may be problem gambling kiosks that are set up to not only explain how various gambling works, but are also an intermediary in which you can talk to the people there and get directed to resources that can help you out in an emergency. And in these venues you can always approach a supervisor, manager, or security officer to request help in helping you control your lottery spending. They are trained in methods to help you deal with a crisis at the moment, or if you are just casually seeking information.

Ask your doctor

You can also talk to your doctor who may suggest, and even refer you to, seeing a therapist that specializes in treating problem gambling.

Sometimes just talking to a professional like that can help you understand why you overspend on the lottery and how use tools and techniques to identify and control when it happens.

Friends and Family

And of course never forget that friends and family are one of the most intimate and honest resources you can tap into to help with lottery overspending.

They will not hesitate to let you know that they think you spend too much on the lottery. You can always negotiate some sort of help from them. For instance, if you want to buy a lottery ticket, you would have to call them first and discuss it with them. Maybe you will only be able to buy a ticket when one of them is out with you.

Or you could sign a contract in which any money you win on the lottery will be held in a trust by them to be parcelled out to you as they see fit. This kind of limitation could be all the incentive you need to control your spending.

So if someone is questioning you or mentioning about how much you spend on lottery tickets, or if the thought comes across your own mind, it might be time to avail yourself of one of the above options and head off any issue before it turns into a runaway problem.

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