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Secrets of the Lottery
  • Author:
    William Monroe
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Are there any secrets to the lottery?

Did you know that most lotteries have some secrets behind them? What are these secrets? How do we find them out? Why are they secrets? Well, we found them out and we are going to share them with you.

Are there any secrets?

Secret: Lottery odds are published but slot machine odds are not. In playing the lottery, it is assumed that most people know or at least have an understanding that winning the jackpot or top award is extremely low in odds for the player, and therefore have no issue with providing the odds. For some lotteries the top award could be 17 million to 1. Regardless of the low odds of winning, players will still the lottery regardless. But some slot machines have the same odds to hit the top award or jackpot, however the odds of hitting it are never published. This is due to the perception in the gaming industry that players of slot machines would not play a machine with high odds against them. So they are not available to the public.

Secret: No regulator or operator has to cheat in any way, shape, or form, to make hoards of money. Since the odds are always in the operator’s favour, they will always make money even if people win jackpots and top awards. That is why the gaming industry is one of the most regulated, open, and honest industries on the planet.

Secret: Lottery games are designed to appeal to player demographics. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a lottery game. Themes, colours, sounds, graphics, and a slew of other aspects go through an immense amount of marketing research to determine what demographic of player the game can be targeted to. Some lottery games are designed to attract female players, some to attract male players, others to attract younger or older players. Just like any other industry out there, market research in customer appeal is a big part of creating a new lottery game.

Secret: Lottery draw equipment is kept under lock and key and is monitored around the clock by surveillance cameras and security personal. One of the ways operators and regulators keep the integrity of the lottery is to ensure nobody but authorized people have access to the blowers, balls, domes, and other equipment. This maintains the honesty of the lottery business. And before each draw, equipment is tested to ensure it is functioning properly, balls are measured and weighed, and everything is recorded by an impartial representative auditor from an accounting firm.

Secret: Operators and regulators may try to get more and more players each day through advertising and offers, but none want any player to become addicted to their products. Contrary to general belief, an addicted lottery player is a detriment to the industry. Not only is it a public relations nightmare, but an addicted player may end up playing with money that is not actually theirs, that they may have obtained in a criminal way. That money is therefore not legitimate money that the lottery industry can keep and in many cases has to be returned to the rightful owner. Plus some addicted players become a daily annoyance for the operator or retailers as these players may persist over and over again to be lent money to play, want to use their car or house as collateral, or become a security risk to other players.


The gaming industry, which includes lotteries, does have it’s secrets, but not like you might think. Though not mentioned or advertised, these and many other secrets of the lottery are actually insider secrets that protect both the industry and the player from anything other than legitimate play and wins. They are not out to rip off the public. They are there to provide entertainment value and the chance to enhance your life.

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