Regular vs Spontaneous Ticket Purchases

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Regular vs Spontaneous Ticket Purchases
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    William Monroe
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Most of us buy our lottery tickets on a fairly regular basis, usually at the same time we do our weekly grocery shopping. It’s our regular ritual without much deviation. Sometimes though, we will purchase tickets simply on a spontaneous whim. We could be out just walking around, picking up prescriptions, or stopping to get gas. When we pay for our purchases or come upon a retailer, we may spontaneously buy one or more lottery tickets for no other reason than we were already at the cash. Is either of these two methods of lottery purchase advantageous over the other?

How do You buy Your Lottery Tickets?

If you always or mostly purchase your tickets on a whim, it could mean anything from you just happened to come upon a retailer during your daily activities, to you having had a dream, a psychic thought, or simply a gut feeling that was so persistent and nagging that you just had to buy a ticket where you were at. That feeling of don’t walk away before you buy a ticket. Trust your gut, trust your feelings, right? You would think that doing that would produce some big wins, seeing that trusting our gut most times is to our advantage, like keeping us healthy or avoiding a car crash.

If you preplan your purchases then it means that you are confident that in playing either your chosen numbers or quick picks, you are making certain to get exactly the number of tickets for each game you want at the time you want. When we preplan things, they go smoothly for us and work out to our advantage. So why shouldn’t preplanning our lottery purchases be any different?

Well, for the majority of the time, buying tickets on a whim does not usually result in an increase in winning any prize. Moreover, if a prize is won, it’s more than likely going to be a free play or a few dollars. The gut feeling type of purchase does not seem to increase any chance of winning, even if you were visited by the Lottery Genie while you were sleeping and he showed you each number that he pulled out of his magic lamp that you should select for the next draw.

As for the planned purchase of lottery tickets, yes it will go smoothly and you will have your lottery purchases neatly wrapped up for you. Once they are bought, you can relax and not worry about missing any draws. However, there will also be no increase in the chance of you winning a large prize or a jackpot.

Is there an Advantage?

There is no advantage to preplanning ticket purchases versus spontaneous ticket purchases. As you can see, it really doesn’t make any difference at all how you buy your tickets. Buying tickets either planned or unplanned does not increase your chances of hitting any winning combination or winning any prize. Either method may fit into your lifestyle and personality, but neither method increases you chances of winning anything.

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