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Quit your Job or Continue to Work
  • Author:
    William Monroe
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If you won the lottery would you quit your job?

You would think that if someone won the top prize in the lottery that they would quit their current jobs. Why continue to work when your millions can take of you into and throughout your retirement? Well, some people do, but some winners actually don’t quit and keep their jobs even though they don’t need them anymore.

Do You Stay or Do You Go?

It seems that what job you have and how you like it is a big determining factor in whether you quit or stay after winning a large lottery jackpot when your lucky numbers come up. Those who really enjoy their job and like working usually stay for one of two reasons: either they love the jobs so much that nothing, not even a lottery win of $100 million would give them reason to leave, or they feel that even with that amount of money they would be board out of their skull and would stay just to have something to do.

Some winners will quit their jobs to follow their passions in life and turn those passions into jobs that they really want to do but did not have the finances to make their dream come true before. Some quit to travel and visit new countries and experience new cultures. Others will quit just to immediately retire and enjoy the leisurely slower pace they can now afford to enjoy. Some winners will stay at their jobs but will reduce their hours to part-time just to have something to do. The gamut of those who quit their jobs or stay at them run from those who fear they will end up just puttering around in their garden, to those who will seek out the expense and status of fine dining, rare wines, and spectacular parties.

Stability is Key

To many, a job or career is extremely important in order to have a life that is balanced and stable. They feel that a job provides daily interaction with co-workers and customers, provides an outlet of the need of purpose and pride in their work, and keeps them from becoming bored with life. To others, a job is just a job and if they don’t have to work, then they will take any opportunity that allows them to quit and never work again.

So if you win millions in the lottery, should you quit your job? Not immediately. You need to have that money deposited into your account and have it available before you can even think about quitting. Once you have you winnings in your bank account, you can now do a pro and con list about whether to quit or not. List things like do you like, hate, or love your job? Are you happy there. Do you like your manages or coworkers? Does your job give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose? If it does, then you might want to stay, at least for a while as you get your newfound money and finances in order.

Once the dust settles and you’ve calmed down a bit, examine everything in your life to see what makes you happy and what does not. If working makes you happy then you can stay at your job, but consider going to part-time so you have more time for yourself. If your job does not make you happy, then quit and enjoy a retirement where you can just relax, travel, or participate in new activities and adventures, or create your own business that you will give you the purpose, pride, and joy your lottery winnings can provide.

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