Amazing Stories of Powerball Winners Who’ve Won Big Twice

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Once, Twice a Lottery Winner
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    Shaun Greer
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Imagine winning the lottery twice? These people did.

Everyone dreams of scooping a big lottery win. Just one win would be enough to turn your life around, wouldn’t it?

Well, there are some people out there who have won the lottery more than once.

Here’s a look at just a few of the very lucky multi-winners.

Once, Twice, Three Times a Winner

In 2014, Missouri couple, Calvin and Zatera Spencer, hit the big time when they won the $1 million Powerball prize. That would be enough for anyone to settle with. For the Spencers, though, luck was certainly on their side when, in a period of three weeks, they won another two lotteries. Their second win was $50,000 and their third win was another million-dollar jackpot.

The Lovelaces Strike It Rich

Another Missouri couple, Jimmie and Marilyn Lovelace also won big not once, but twice. The Farmington couple earned a decent $50,000 Powerball price when they matched four of the five white numbers drawn. They also won a $3.7 million payout for playing Lotto in 2007.

Two People Win Twice

Regular lottery players, Racy Pel would spend $20 on lottery lines here and there. In 2013, he won $32,000 on one of his lines. If that wasn’t enough, another line won him a further $50 million.

Similarly, the lottery player, Virginia Fike, bought two Powerball lines. Although she missed the draw at the time, she checked her numbers after hearing that there were two $1 million winners in her area. It so happens that she had won – both lines! Each line made her $1 million richer, allowing her to take home $2 million. She was so shocked she even went back to the store to confirm she’d won.

Two Wins, Two Years Apart, Same Weekend

Labour Day weekend is the luckiest time of year for one Maryland winner. The anonymous lottery player has taken home a total of $97 million after winning a jackpot twice – both on Labour Day weekend. The winner told the press that he had been playing the lottery for over 40 years, and in that time, realised the value of the most commonly drawn numbers and playing them every time. Besides the big wins, the gentleman has also won a number of smaller prizes over the years.

Identical Tickets, One Winner

Earlier this year, one Powerball players accidentally purchased two identical tickets. It paid off, though, for the Delaware resident who landed up winning $50,000 on each ticket. Although cited as a mistake, the 61-year old man from Newark told local lottery officials that he’d asked his son to complete the play slips for January 2020. But, when the man got to the store, he realised he had just enough money for three of the four tickets he wanted to buy. It wasn’t a problem, though. He simply returned the next day to purchase his fourth ticket but accidentally used the same numbers he’d played on one of the other tickets.

The man says that when he returned to the store after the Powerball draw, he couldn’t believe he had won when he checked the first ticket. Several hours later, he scanned his second ticket and realised it was the same numbers and another win.

Having won $50,000 per ticket, the regular Powerball player went home a mega $100,000 richer and at the time said he was going to use a portion of his winnings to pay off his debts and save the rest.

While they say lightning doesn’t strike twice, the same can’t be said for lottery luck after reading these stories, don’t you think?

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