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    Shaun Greer
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For many Powerball players, there are certain Powerball strategies they swear by and follow with each ticket purchased.

Since the inception of Powerball in 1992, the number of players has grown exponentially. With countless Powerball players winning various amounts nearly every game, from $100 to last November’s record-breaking $2.04 billion jackpot, thousands are inspired to pick up a ticket every week. But some of those Powerball players consider themselves to be regulars, avidly playing every week and adhering to certain strategies.

Superstition may play a role in some of these behaviors, but the most avid players swear by methods and habits they believe provide them with the good vibes they need to potentially be a winner. Today, we’ll explore some of those Powerball strategies, and you might spot a few of your own Powerball playing habits, too!

Buying from the Same Powerball Retailer

For many Powerball players, it’s about convenience in playing. With so many authorized retailers available, you can likely find a quick and easy way to play almost anywhere. But for avid Powerball players, the best luck comes from buying Powerball tickets at the same retailer location every time. Believing that they’re subscribing to their own luck, they also believe in the luck of the venue. And drilling down even further, some Powerball players stick to a precise schedule, whereby they buy tickets at the same time from those preferred retailers, too.

Choosing the Same Numbers

With so much life-changing money at stake in a Powerball prize, choosing numbers to play is not a decision some Powerball players take lightly. In fact, for thousands of players, choosing the same roster of numbers, or some variation of them, is the only way to go. These digits might represent sentimental value, like anniversaries or birthdates. For some, it’s about lucky numbers that have proven to be successful in their lives in other ways, like a high school jersey number. Whatever their meaning, some Powerball players swear by playing the same lineup of numbers with every ticket they purchase.

Mantras and Prayers Before Choosing

Much like Bingo players set up their tables with talismans, fuzzy-headed trolls, and lucky rabbits’ feet, Powerball players often subscribe to similar rituals. Reciting mantras and prayers that have meaning to the individual players can bring peace and good vibes before each official play. You might even spot Powerball players reciting these before buying their tickets.

Horoscopes and Astrology Predictions

Some avid Powerball strategies are rooted in predictions. Power players might put faith in a fortune cookie or this month’s horoscope online. Astrology is a method and belief system that how the planets and stars align directly impacts the lives and spiritual souls of individuals. So, there are often nuggets of advice, predictions about decisions and outcomes, and lucky numbers assigned every day, month, and year. Avid Powerball players sometimes subscribe to these predictions and apply them as Powerball strategies.

The truth is that Powerball winners are determined by fresh drawings each time, with no correlation to past drawings. The odds reset for each game, and despite the beliefs in Powerball strategies, no real advantage over other players is achieved.

Of course, there have been plenty of past Powerball winners who’ve admitted to subscribing to these exact or similar playing habits. And that may be what drives avid Powerball players to continue to follow their routines, hoping to tap into some universal force that might translate to a life-changing jackpot.

There’s no harm in sticking to what you believe might give you an edge. In fact, it might even make it more fun to play. Just know the odds and playing field are leveled every time. And the only way to ensure you have a shot at winning is simply by playing.

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