Myths and Trends Behind Choosing Those Lucky Lotto Numbers

The Superstitions and beliefs around lucky numbers
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There’s no denying that a big lottery win opens the door to an exciting new life. It’s a life where debt is never a worry, travel is always on the cards and you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want.

Winning the lottery is life-changing. All you need to do is get that win and you’re set.

So, how do you choose those lucky lotto numbers?

Some People Play the Same Numbers Every Time

Some people like to play the same numbers every single draw. The truth is, this method doesn’t really improve your winning chances. Yes, there’s certainly comfort in playing familiar numbers that you consider lucky, but they’re not magical.

Of course, plenty of people have won using their lucky number sets. Then there’s the story of a Chinese lottery player who played the numbers of the time he woke up, the time he would eat breakfast, and how much it cost, and he won big.

Lottery numbers are always drawn randomly (they use random number generators to ensure complete fairness) so your chances of your lucky set being picked are just the same as anyone else’s.

Random Numbers and Quick Picks

Whether you like to choose random numbers every time you purchase lottery tickets or opt for the quick pick option, it won’t increase your chances of winning. But it might just make a difference to how much you scoop if your numbers come in.

For instance, it’s estimated that 10,000 UK lottery players pick numbers 1 through to 6 every week. If that sequence ended up being a jackpot selection, all those people would walk away with just $1,000 from a $10 million prize pool.

The easiest way of avoiding having to share a jackpot is to opt for random selections. If you like to make your mark on tickets, get creative. For instance, some people like to play birthdays, which means your numbers, if they win, are only between 1 and 31. That means there’s a far higher chance of sharing your jackpot with other winners.

Playing Probabilities

Then there are those players who like to play the probabilities, in other words, that which is most likely to happen. If something never or very rarely happens in lottery draws, or if something has perhaps never happened before in the history of the draws, common sense dictates that you shouldn’t expect it to happen for the first time just because you decided to play a certain number sequence.

Let’s use our number sequence example again. Six consecutive numbers (like 1 through to 6) haven’t been drawn in any lottery game. So, it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to happen just because you’ve played that sequence.

Other players play lottery numbers because they feel it’s “due.” But it’s not true that everything in the world of lotteries should even out. For instance, the number 45 didn’t appear for 100 drawings in New York.

In another New York example, the state Lotto game, 6/59, sees each six-number combination having a chance of hitting once in every 433,245 years. That means it’s pointless to play the same six numbers week in and week out. You wouldn’t bet on a racehorse that’s lost its last 50 races, so why do the same on the lottery?

None of Us Can Beat the Odds

While we all like to try our luck and playing for the fun of “what if I win,” none of us can beat those lottery winning odds. You might well think you have a clever solution for picking your numbers, but there’s no lottery hack out there to help make sure that your numbers are the winning sequence.

That being said, if you don’t try your luck and play, you’ll never know if you stand a chance of winning.

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