How to Gain More Insight Into Your Favourite Powerball Numbers

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how to find out more about your favourite powerball numbers
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    Shaun Greer
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A closer look at the numbers and what they could mean

We are all hoping to win big by playing the Powerball lottery. In fact, millions of players from around the globe play every week, or even twice a week.

How can you beat everyone to the big prize?

Admittedly, it comes down to luck most of the time. But there is a method for picking the right numbers. Or, rather, a way to gain more insight into Powerball numbers.

Looking at the Numbers

A lot of Powerball players like to use statistics to choose their numbers. It’s been a hotly debated topic for a long time since chosen numbers based on stats aren’t any more likely to win that a set of randomly chosen numbers.

In fact, every number has an equal chance of being drawn, it’s just that some are drawn more often than others. This, too, changes over time, which is why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the latest “hot” Powerball numbers.

Consider Numerology

Numerology is another popular strategy players use to pick their favourite Powerball numbers. It involves picking numbers based on your personal or lucky numbers, be it anniversaries, birthdays or other dates of importance.

Some players even like to pick numbers that occur frequently in their life.

While numerology is more faith-based than statistics, there are players who have won big using their favourite personal numbers. Georgia resident, Young Soo Lee, for instance, used a combination of her family’s birthdays and walked away $318 million richer.

One of the great things about using your favourite numbers is that you’re less likely to choose the exact same combinations as anyone else – which means you’d get to keep a jackpot if you win. All for picking numbers based on special dates and meaning to you.

What About Quick Pick?

If you’d prefer not to put much thought into picking Powerball combos, the random number generator is for you – and they’re easy to use. Simply let the computer do the work for you.

What The Experts Say About Winning Numbers

While different winners have different strategies for winning the big jackpot, it doesn’t hurt to hear what they have to say and gain even greater insight into the game.

Richard Lustig, for instance, is a seven-time winner. According to him, it’s better to stay away from consecutive numbers and buy more tickets to increase your chances of a win.

What’s more, Lustig advises that you avoid choosing numbers that end in the same digit and, importantly, research your numbers.

Another great piece of lottery advice he gives is to play as part of a lottery syndicate. Sure, you’ll need to split the prize if you win, but if it’s a big jackpot, it’s still going to be worth it.

He also suggests that you stick to your numbers and play within an affordable budget.

Isn’t Time for You To Win the Big One?

There are plenty of different strategies and ways to try and help you choose winning lottery combos. Whether you have a favourite or just fancy dabbling around, homework is your best friend.

If you already have a few favourite numbers that you play week in and week out – or maybe you’ve been thinking about playing – do your research on Powerball’s hot and cold numbers. How frequently (or infrequently) numbers are drawn will help you gain more insight into your favourites, and perhaps help you pick the next jackpot winning ticket.

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