Pamper your Pet with your Winnings

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Pamper your Pet with your Winnings
  • Author:
    William Monroe
  • Published:

Pets that belong to lottery winners could get spoiled rotten!

Anyone who sees their results come in and wins the lottery is apt to spend some money on their own wants by buying houses, cars, home theatres, and myriad other types of high-end toys. If you have any fur-babies in your life, you just might want to spend a whole bunch of money on them instead. What would you buy? What types of high-end toys or things would your puppy or kitty like to have?

Pampered Pooches and Pussycats

Well, any prince or princess pet would love to look royal and regal. So for the ladies, why not go with a million-dollar tiara? For the boys, overly priced glasses and hat. Keeping in the same category, make sure to splurge thousands of dollars on clothes. Solid gold collars with real diamonds and gems, skimpy bathing suits, sexy robes, or even matching parkas for those winter walks.

Your kitty is going to need their own castle in your home. So buy them one. Huge cat scratching posts with many tiers, a lookout tower, and rooms to visit. Spend a few hundred dollars on a simple cat hammock so kitty can lounge around all day lying in the hammock and looking at the creatures in the front yard. For the pups, a few hundred thousand dollars can get them a luxury dog house with a kitchen that holds their food and water, a bathroom for going to the, well, bathroom, and a living room with a TV in it so they can watch their favourite shows.

Sometimes dogs are more pampered than cats. That’s why you can end the walks on the leash and put your pooch into a thousand dollar stroller and wheel him or her everywhere you go. Spend another thousand bucks or two and get a doggy high chair for dinners with the family.

A Lottery Winner's Diet

So what should they eat? Well the most expensive food you can find, of course. And not dog or cat food, yuk! Cook them some chicken cordon blue, a tender roast beef, and full steak dinner with a hundred dollar cut of steak, a loaded baked potato, and their favourite veggie. Now any doggie or kitty is going to want to have desert after their meal. And not a crappy dog cookie! Oh no. You need to contact your local bakery and have custom made deserts created for your pet. Go for decadent vanilla cakes and nibbles, and stay away from chocolate.

We all know our pets can get a little “funky” smelling sometimes. Don’t put up with smelly cats or stinky dogs. Buy them some really overpriced kitty or puppy perfume that will kill the odour and turn them into furry balls of smelly joy. You, your pets, your family, and the

What could be more ridiculously expensive than waiting on your cat or dog for every whim they have? Cleaning the litter box, feeding them, taking them to the groomers. That’s a lot of work. Now that you have the money, hire someone else to do it. But not just anyone. To clean the cat litter and dog poop, hire your pet a maid who will keep them and their surrounding spotlessly clean. Your pets also require a butler to feed them, walk them, play with them, and cater to all their needs. Without question of course. And when they need to go to the groomers or the vets, you will need a chauffeur to take them to their appointments is luxury limousine. We are talking real life working maids, butlers and chauffeurs, not actors. It will cost you a lot, but, if you can afford it, then you will be able to find someone willing to do each job.

So pampering your pet with your lottery winnings is great thing to do. And if you give them something they love and enjoy, then you get many years of devoted companionship from your spoiled little fur babies.

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