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Now you can Afford to Eat Healthy
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    William Monroe
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Eating healthy isn't always cheap but a lottery win can help

As consumers we all try to stick to our budgets and buy our food as inexpensively as possible to get the most value from our hard-earned money. Most of the time, among the fruits and vegetables and staples, we also have potato chips, ice cream, various chocolate yummies, and a variety of other not so healthy food. Junk food is cheap, easily available, and satisfies our cravings.

Eating junkily fits into most of our daily lives as it stretches our dollar to go further and allows us to buy more food for the week. Eating junk food is an economic option that most of us have no choice in changing, as healthy food can be expensive and preparation and cooking intensive and prolonged.

Jackpot win and a change of diet?

A jackpot lottery win can be a big game changer in your nutritional living as it now gives you the ability to eat more healthy foods and finally get to a point of good physical status. You are now able to afford to make better food and meal choices and kick out the junk food.

One of the options you can now afford is to purchase organic foods, which cost considerably more than regular non-organic ones. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown with no pesticides, chemicals, or other additives. They are simply grown as naturaly as possible. The taste is more pure and unaltered and the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals have not been depleted by non-organic methods. Since organic produce does not have any chemicals, it may not look the same as non-organic produce. But it will still taste better and retain all the vitamins and nutrients non-organic farming may deplete.

Organic meat means that the animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and such are raised in a very humane and ethical way that lets them graze in pastures and are fed organic feed, and do not receive antibiotic or hormone treatments of any kind. Organic eggs come from hens raised on a free range farm with access to the outdoors.

Other organic products such as canned and boxed foods do not contain any artificial preservatives, colours, or flavors and require that their ingredients are organic. One of the most important aspects of organic food is that none of it contains any genetically modified organisms (GMO) whatsoever. So you don’t have to worry about eating corn with pig DNA.

Along with organic food, you can now buy better quality grocery items. If you do not want to spend time making soup, you don’t have to buy a canned soup. You can go to your local supermarket with a hot take-out area and get some prepared soup to take home. It will cost more but it will taste better. Instead of the cheap pasta and sauces, you can now afford to buy the more expensive imported pasta and sauce which taste much better. Same for Mexican food and other ethnic foods. You can also to now afford better bread products made from high-quality wheat, and also a variety of artisan breads, buns, and rolls.

Time to cook from scratch

Let’s not forget about cooking from scratch. You can buy better meats and veggies, and other higher quality ingredients to make fresher, tastier, and healthier meals at home.

Although you could also simply pick up or order food in, if you are going that route, order from a more higher-end restaurant or cafe for a more enjoyable and unusual variety of meals. But do so only once a week, if that. It’s much better now that you buy higher quality ingredients and do more cooking at home.

Since your lottery win lets you buy better, high quality food items, you now have no excuse to eat junk food. Indulge in real meals, make more meals at home, and eat not just for the taste, but for healthy nutrients as well.

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