Money Spells for Lottery Luck

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Money Spells for Lottery Luck
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    William Monroe
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Looking to the mystical as a way of securing that lottery win

Although the odds and chances of winning the lottery jackpot is all dependent on total randomness of the numbers picked or generated, there are some people who feel that a little money spell magic applied here and there might just influence the outcome of the draw in their favour. Using the forces of nature and the universe to influence occurrences and outcomes dates way back. Are you able to do the same thing today?

Of course you can. Using money spells to increase your luck and have money flow your way is easy to do and may just get you that jackpot your heart really wants. There are many types of money spells out there, from super simple, to ridiculously complicated.

Maybe Simple is Best

The simplest method to do a money spell is to burn green candle while concentrating on your outcome, which is winning the jackpot in the lottery. You have to be specific about which lottery you mean and which jackpot you mean when you concentrate. Write it down on a piece of paper to help you focus on it. Carve a dollar sign into the side of the green candle, or anything related to the draw, and light the candle. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes concentrating on your goal. When you feel you are done, in a couple of minutes or in an hour, open your eyes, hold the paper over the candle flame, and let the paper burn to ash in a bowl or ashtray. The power of the concentration of the end result coupled with the same thought written on the paper, will be transferred out to the universe when the paper is destroyed by fire.

For this next spell, you must first sit and meditate to let a set of lottery numbers come to you. As they come, write them down on a piece of paper. When you have the series of lottery numbers you need to mark on a ticket, light a gold candle and sit in front of it and stare into the flame. Chant your numbers then say with firm and devout belief in the phrase, “I Am Wealthy!” Repeat the chant of your numbers and the phrase for ten minutes.. When done, blow out the candle and put the paper with your lottery numbers in your wallet or purse, right up beside any denomination bill you have. Next time you go to your lottery retailer, buy a ticket with the numbers you have on the paper and wait for the upcoming draw to make you rich.

Maybe We All Need Good Lottery Karma

Another money spell to try, is to take a quarter and bury one at each corner of your house. As you bury each coin, say “With these coins I seek prosperity and abundance in my life, and a desire to hit the jackpot in this (example) Friday’s Super Seven lottery.” Cover the coins with the dirt and leave them there. Your home, and every thing and person in it, is now surrounded by the money represented by the quarters. This flow of money will make its way into your home and touch anything or anyone who is in there. Keep thinking of your chant above, and wait to see if the lottery jackpot enters your life.

It seems a bit far out to try money spells, but people use everything from little troll dolls to luck clothes to try to increase money in their lives. Using a money spell is just another tool try to hit the jackpot.

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