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Make Notes for your Lottery Purchases
  • Author:
    William Monroe
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It's so important to keep track of your lottery information and here's why

When you purchase your lottery tickets, do you ever make note of the time or date of the purchase? Do you always remember where you bought your ticket? Did you purchase your ticket while you were alone or was there someone with you at the time? Did you know that you actually should know all of this information as it could mean the difference between you getting your prize and missing out on it by it being declared an invalid win.

Verifying Your Lottery Tickets

The lottery operator is obligated to ensure that any ticket that is presented to it as a winner, go through a verification process, and that includes with the person presenting the ticket. For small rewards, the verification of the presenter is waived. As long as their signature is on the ticket, the prize will be paid out. But for higher awards including the jackpot, not only is the ticket subject to regular varication, but now you as the ticket holder, are subject to verification as well.

To validate both the ticket purchase and you as the ticket holder, you will be asked a series of questions to determine the legitimacy of the purchase and ownership. It is not an interrogation of any sorts. It’s just an interview to observe your answers to questions and see how you react to them. It is important that if you are presenting a ticket for a win of ten million dollars that the operator can guarantee to the public and the regulator that you are the legitimate winner.

Questions and Queries

One question you will get is what was the date and time you bought the ticket? Seems like a silly question but it is not. The operator is trying to establish if you know that information or not. They already know it and looking for verification as the ticket purchaser would know that. If you don’t know, it really is no big deal. Most people don’t when the bought their tickets. But if you do, it should match the time and date in the system. If it does, you past the first question. If it doesn’t, it’s now a bit suspicious to the interviewers

Another question is what retailer did you buy the ticket from? Some players buy tickets at random retailers and really don’t know where any of their tickets was purchased from. Other players only buy from one regular retailer.

Could you answer who you were with when you bought the ticket? Video surveillance footage exists at most retailers so again the operator may know you were with a smaller older woman with white hair. If you say nobody or your daughter, look out. Again some players may remember and some won’t.

There may be other questions or the above ones asked in a different way. So how can you remember all this information if your overwhelmed with excitement when cashing in a multimillion dollar lottery ticket?

The solution takes some effort and diligence on your part but can save you a lot of grief if you should happen to win a large prize or the jackpot. Every time you buy a ticket or tickets, the first thing to ask for is a receipt for the purchase. The receipt will prove what day, what time, and where you purchased the tickets. Keep the receipt with the tickets so that when you claim your prize you have proof of purchase for the interviewers.

You should also write down on a notepad dedicated to lottery purchases only, the date, time, and location of your purchase, what games were purchases, who you were with, anything happening around you that you noticed that could be on video that would be able to be confirmed by it. In essecence, together with the receipt, you are keeping a log of your lottery purchases as proof should you hit the big one.

You may think this is silly but jackpots have been denied to players because they cant verify information that they should know. So play it on the safe side and log your lottery purchases. You never know when you will need it and it will also provide good data for you to see your lottery playing habits and expenditure.

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