Lottery Superstitions

The things we do for a little more luck
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Lottery Superstitions
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    William Monroe
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Superstitions have been with us since the dawn of humankind.

We have associated superstition with acts of both fantastic good luck and horrible bad luck. Do one thing, good luck, do the opposite, bad luck, do both, who knows what will happen!

Superstitions themselves can sometimes be referred to as old wives’ tales, folk tales, folk beliefs, etc. Whether based on pure fiction or pure fact, superstitions rule our lives and cause us to do things or believe in things that can change our fortune for good or bad in the future.

Bad Luck

There are many superstitions that we still hold on to today.

For instance, it is still considered to be seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror, as your reflection was considered part of your soul and the mirror breaking symbolized your soul being broken.

And of course we must never under any circumstances walk under a ladder. Don’t ever step on a sidewalk crack and don’t let the evil black cat step into your path.

You will receive horrible bad luck if you do any of the above.

Good Luck

But what about good luck? What superstitions bring you good luck, especially when playing the lottery?

Well, you should always wear red whenever you purchase your tickets. In China, the colour red represents happiness, success, and good luck and fortune. So wearing red will draw luck and money towards you.

When you select your numbers for your ticket, knock on wood before and after to ensure good luck. In ancient times, trees were considered the homes of fairies and spirits. Knocking on the trees (knocking on wood) was both asking the fairies to send good luck your way and to distract evil spirits who might try to bring you bad luck.

Of course, crossing your fingers for luck just comes naturally and may have originated as a representation of the Christian cross, requesting good fortune from God and Jesus.

Don’t forget to purchase your ticket during a blue moon, which is the second full moon in a month. Although not a rare occurrence by any means, blue moons are thought to be powerful or magical moons that rain down good luck on those who seek it.

How many fortune cookies have you gotten over the years that have lucky numbers in them? Don‘t blow them off. Play these numbers.

And always wear your birthstone while picking your numbers and buying your lottery tickets. Rub the tickets on the stone, rub the stone on the tickets.

And always, always, for the greatest luck of all, buy your tickets on your birthday.

A Little Less Common

Here are two odd superstitions. One superstition says to pass your lottery ticket over the back of a black cat as good luck for the draw.

This is rather counter-productive as traditionally having a black cat simply cross your path is considered extreme bad luck. But in some cultures black cats are supposed to draw wealth and prosperity and good fortune while frightening away evil.

The other one is to pass your ticket over the belly of a pregnant woman. Apparently in some cultures, rubbing the belly of a pregnant woman transfers good luck to the rubber, anomalous to the great fortune of the miracle of life.

Always ask your lottery retailer to hand you your tickets with their right hand, and receive them in your left hand to ensure good luck in the draw. Many cultures and some nature-based religions feel that the left hand is the receiving hand, the hand that receives money, luck, fortune, spirit, and energy.

The right hand sends out energy to the universe to create power and effect change. It is considered the giving hand. So the retailer will give you the ticket and good luck with their right hand and you will accept it and take it in with your left hand.

Sometimes dreams can be very prophetic at times. Any numbers showing up in your dreams could your subconscious telling you that you should be using those numbers for the lottery.

And why stop there? You could visit a psychic, medium, palm reader, or fortune teller to see if they see your fortune changing and to give you the numbers you need to hit the lottery jackpot.

Most people today still believe in superstition and consciously, or unconsciously, integrate it into their daily lives. Why not go one-step beyond and use superstition to give your own good luck a kick in the pants?

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