Lottery Stealth Wealth

Why you shouldn't splash the cash publicly after a win.
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Lottery Stealth Wealth
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    William Monroe
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Well, you’ve done it. You bought your lottery tickets, you’ve paid your money over the decades, you’ve checked every draw and won some free plays and a little bit of cash. But now, finally, you have hit the jackpot! Yes, you’ve won the top award in the lottery. And you now have millions of dollars sitting in your bank account at your disposal. So what are you going to do? Buy a big fancy car? Get that mansion you have had your eye on? Take your friends out to town on your dime? Tempting. But flaunting your lottery win is not really the best thing to be doing. Take a hint from other millionaires and practice Stealth Wealth.

Learn to be Subtle

Millionaires and billionaires practice stealth wealth to avoid the appearance of having money, which in turn enables them to keep their money and not have to worry about blowing and losing most or all of it on impressing other people. They never advertise they have money. They never do the stereotypical flip open the wallet, pull out a huge wad of cash, and wave it around. They know money talks, but they don’t let money talk for them. Nobody needs to know they have money, and there is safety in having people not knowing you have money.

For instance, someone practicing stealth wealth is not going to be buying a Ferrari or Lamborghini. They are going to buy and drive the safest, most economical car that works for them, be it a compact or an SUV. Most may buy new cars, some will buy used cars. They will not buy a 10-bedroom home with a stock car racetrack in the back. They are going to buy a house that works for them. Even if it is a two bedroom bungalow. If it is a comfortable home and works for them, a house that advertises wealth is actually a waste of money. Large homes cost money to clean, heat, and to pay outrageous property taxes on. A nice, beautiful, comfortable home is a lot less expensive.

Don't Flash the Cash

In practicing stealth wealth, you are going to get greater benefits than if you flaunt your wealth around. Your relationships will revolve around how much people like being around you for yourself, not for your money. The less people who know about your wealth, the less people will try to hit you up for some of it. And when you go out with family and friends, you will have less of a expectation towards you of paying the bill every time.

You also won’t have to keep up appearances which will also allow you to save money. You will not need to wear expensive clothes that shout “I am rich!” You can wear nice clothes that may cost a bit more, but are suited to your taste and style and will work in business or formal environments. You won’t need to constantly spend money to keep up appearances. And even jeans and t-shirts can be quite stylish and nice and on the higher end without letting people know you are wealthy.

Stealth Wealth for anyone with money, including you the lottery winner, is a way to stop worrying about what other people think of you and having to impress them, and to simply feel comfortable around other people and encourage them to also feel comfortable around you. They get to know you based on your actual personality rather than on some image you are trying to maintain. You then end up buying things that actually are useful to you and not to impress others with them. Stealth Wealth allows you to enjoy your money without wasting it.

It is human nature to let others know about your good fortune. With a lottery win, many people will find out. Once the commotion and celebrity fade out, you should start to employ Stealth Wealth tactics and lifestyle. It will protect you from many people looking for handouts or trying to get you to invest in schemes. It will allow you live a life of comfort and joy, not flash and foolery. And in the end, the less people who know you have money and the less you make it appear you have money, the easier it is to keep and grow your money every day.

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