Lottery Rules of Play

You're buying more than just a chance to win.
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Lottery Rules of Play
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    William Monroe
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With any lottery, it seems like you just go to a retailer, buy a ticket, check the ticket after the draw date, then either throw it away or redeem it for your prize.

But did you know that simply purchasing a lottery ticket means you agree to abide by all the conditions that apply to that one act?


For instance, rules may tell you how to buy, or where to buy, your ticket, and also the hours that tickets may be bought, and the deadline to buy tickets.

They may also indicate that you should check the ticket information to ensure it is for the right draw and date, and the ticket must be signed and all information filled out on the ticket before the ticket can be verified or redeemed.

Another rule may state the ticket must be registered in the computer system to be valid for the draw. If there turns out to be an issue, the ticket may be declared void and you may not be able to claim a prize. Therefore all wins would subject to validation.

Rules may also state that on the draw date or as soon as possible after that date, the operator will pull random numbers for the draw.

There may also be a list of prizes to be won, the cost per ticket, and the odds of winning any prize or the top prize. These would be the only combinations and the only prizes per combination that the operator would actually have to pay out.

There may also be instructions on the exact place or method of validating or claiming a potential win, which may be different depending on the prize level.

Don't be late

There usually is stated deadline date for the presentation and validation of a winning ticket. Any ticket not claimed by that deadline usually is declared an unclaimed prize and may go back into the lottery pool.

So even if you are one day late claiming your win, the operator is not legally required to honour the ticket.

Minimum age limit to legally play and win are also presented in the rules of play. It usually is 18 or over, or at the age of majority for your state or province.

Even after you've won

And once you actually are declared a winner, you may have to agree to the operator using your name, photo or likeness, and city or town of residence for advertising and/or publicity purposes, without any further type of compensation.

So if you want to collect your money you may have to smile and let everyone know you have one, even if you don’t want to.

Many lottery rules of play also invoke legal requirements such as, by participating in the lottery and/or accepting any prize, you agree to release and hold harmless the lottery operator and its employees, management, and so on, from any demand, claim, judgment, or liability.

This means that if any issue should arise as to the legitimacy of the draw, the ticket, or yourself, then you agree not to sue or hold the gaming operator responsible in any way.

Your ticket purchase is not just a way of hopefully winning a lot of money. It is an agreement you are accepting buy that purchase, that you will and you do agree to each and every word in the rules of play if you ever want to see your winnings in your bank acount.

Always read the rules of play before you purchase any lottery tickets, or for that matter, participate in any game of chance.

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