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Lottery Lucky Charms
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    William Monroe
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Do you use lucky charms for lottery luck?

Faith and Begora, we are not talking about the lucky charms food associated with a greenish cartoon Leprechaun. What we mean by lottery lucky charms are the things people use, have on them, or place on their tickets, to hopefully bring them good luck on the draw. Some people swear by lucky charms and won’t buy a ticket if a lucky charm is not involved.

Lucky Charms and Talismen

And why not use lucky charms? So many Bingo players swear by them that they might be good to use as a lottery player. It couldn’t hurt, right. So what things can you use as a lottery lucky charm?

  • Troll dolls – The Ugly Good Luck Troll Dolls are a familiar doll for many of us older players. These ugly little dolls came out in the 1960’s in North America but originated in the 1930s, on the northern shores of the Limfjord in North Jutland, Denmark. A poor woodcarver created a simple gift for his daughter out of local wood. It was a troll in his own image, using wool for hair, and the first Good Luck Troll Doll, was born. Soon, everyone in the small town of Gjøl, wanted a handmade troll doll. Iin the 1950s, he began production of the Good Luck Troll as we know it today, from the Dam Troll factory in Gjøl. The Good Luck Troll brought cute and ugly together in a combination that people adored. Their popularity spread quickly to North America, where the troll doll became the must-have toy of the early 1960s. People began to experience good luck when they pulled out or carried their troll doll, and the reputation of it being a lucky charm grew.
  • Rabbits' feet – The foot of a rabbit has been thought to be a very good lucky charm for a long time. Supposedly if you carry a rabbit’s foot with you when you buy your ticket, the good luck from the foot will ensure a winning ticket. Or store your ticket with your rabbit’s foot to ensure a lottery draw in your favour.
  • Really now, think about it, what could be more lucky than the cremated ashes of a loved one. Counter to popular thought, some people like to place their lottery tickets under the urn of grandma, Aunt Gladis, or a pet, so that the spirit of the person or animal in the urn will bestow good luck on the ticket it stands on. A little creepy but some people swear by it.
  • Apparently you should always buy lottery tickets and store them in or beside, religious items such as pictures or paintings of saints, the Virgin Mary, or especially the Bible. Doing so will bestow God’s good graces on the draw and allow the numbers being chosen to match those on your ticket.
  • Buy your lottery tickets and put them in a place that has anything to do with the number 7. Seven has always been considered a lucky number, so the more you use the number for the lottery the better luck you will have in winning the jackpot. So always carry exactly seven dollars in cash with you all the time, buy seven tickets at once, or walk seven kilometres or miles to the lottery retailer.

Don’t feel embarrassed by having and using lucky charms to help you win the lottery. Bingo players have their table decorated with all these things and more, and a lot of them win. You should try the same thing yourself. Decorate a table at home with all your lucky charms and put your lottery tickets in the middle, then lay your Troll Doll on top of the tickets and ask it to let you win the lottery.

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