Lottery Addiction is a Real Thing

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Lottery Addiction is a Real Thing
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    William Monroe
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keeping your lottery play in check

Playing the lottery can be fun and exciting, entertaining and rewarding, as you are buy a chance at winning a prize. Some people though, get too caught up in the need to win the lottery, and in one way or another, end becoming addicted to the lottery, unable to control or stop their spending. They feel that the money they “lost” is “taken” or “stolen” from them and the need to continue to play the lottery to win back what is rightfully theirs. Most times money is not an issue, and at other times, lottery addicts steal or embezzle money to keep up the desire to win all their money back.

When the Fun Stops

There are several signs that you, or someone you know, may be addicted to the lottery. Addicts don’t budget their lottery play. They will go through their savings until nothing is left. After that, they may start to accumulate debt by borrowing money, not paying bills or loans, getting payday loans, or maxing out credit cards.

Addicts also end up lying about their gambling to cover up the problem. They will borrow money with the most outlandish reasons to avoid anyone finding out about the gambling. They will lie to friends and family members, banks, payday loan places, anywhere they go to get money to sustain their addiction.

The lottery takes up most or all of an addict’s time. It’s all they can think about and can’t wait to buy tickets for the next draw. The lottery takes precedence over family, work, and other responsibilities. This can cause divorce, loss of a job, and a total ruin of one’s life.

Most of the issues that arise from lottery addiction is the belief in the myths and misconceptions that permeate the lottery industry, such as how winning combinations are determined, odds and percentage confusion, and a general belief in what is written about gambling in books that propagate methods and ways of beating the lottery.

Helpful Resources

There are many resources available to help addicts deal with and control their addiction. They, or someone who is concerned about them, can contact the lottery operator who to refer to agencies that they can talk to. Most states and provinces provide problem-gambling helplines to discuss gambling issues and ways to help.

Contact Gamblers Anonymous This world-wide organization is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. Once an addict admits they have a problem and really wants to get help, Gamblers Anonymous meetings can definitely help an addict deal with their problem.

One of the best ways a lottery-gambling addict can help deal with their problem is rely on their social networks. Friends and family can be a great support system to help addicts understand what they see the addiction as and the behaviours and actions with it. They will tell the addict their honest observations and feelings and how they are affecting them. Once the addict realizes that their issue is real, they might just want to get a grip on it.

Lottery addiction is a very real problem that can get a grip on a player and turn their lives and their families lives upside down in a horrible way. Don’t let it get a grip on you or someone close. If you see signs, take action. The sooner it is dealt with, the easier it will be to recover.

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