Live Here? Then There is No Lottery

You might not even be able to gamble.
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Live Here? Then There is No Lottery
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    William Monroe
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We do take playing the lottery as a right more than a privilege and certainly take for granted the ability to buy a ticket any time we want for a chance at winning some money.

But in some countries, the citizens are not allowed to play a lottery or even do any type of gambling.

Those countries ban lotteries and gambling altogether or have severe limits on gambling activity. What we take for granted is something that other people don’t have the opportunity to participate in.

Although some of these countries may allow limited types of online gambling, brick and mortar gambling such as casinos, lotteries, scratch tickets, bingo, and such are strictly prohibited or limited.

There are many reasons some countries may do this, but two major ones are the driving forces.


One big one is religion. Some religions view gambling as wrong, a sin, or an act of selfishness. The act of gambling is shameful and against the ethical or moral views or teachings of the deity, god, or religious leader, or the religion itself in general.

The point of view is that gambling does nothing to help the needy or poor, and is only an example of greed, an attribute even very laid-back religions feel strongly about.


Another huge reason is political. Some governments feel gambling promotes the wrong type of behaviour and brings addiction and crime to the people.

It has no bearing on the political philosophy that oversees the masses and just simply induces feelings of self-worth, rebellion, and challenge to leaders.

Gambling upsets the status quo and gives the people a sense of power that they should not have.


Penalties for illegal gambling can be very severe, a measure that acts as a deterrent.

Fines, imprisonment, even the possibility of death overshadow the need for any type of gambling. Some countries ban gambling outright while others may allow it in very restricted ways and circumstances.

There are a few of these governments that understand that gambling revenues can be applied to government expenses and in helping out citizens in limited ways, but still don’t want their people exposed to gambling or allowed to gamble.

In this instance, they may allow local or foreign casinos and other types of gambling to operate, but catering only to foreign visitors and tourists. Citizens are banned from entering these establishments or participating in any type of gambling.

Some countries only allow gambling within very restricted areas. For instance, any type of gambling is banned in China, but the two special administrative areas of Hong Kong and Macau have many casinos.

Be aware

So although most countries do have their own lottery games to support government, charitable, and educational benefactors, be aware that if you find yourself either as a citizen or a visitor in a country that bans lotteries and gambling, follow the law and avoid the risk of getting caught and facing some unpleasant penalties.

As for the rest of us who have the opportunity to play the lottery and potentially win money, do so with the humble understanding that not everyone on the planet on has the ability to do this. Be grateful for the purchase of a chance at a change of life, and if you do hit the jackpot, accept it as gift that has been bestowed upon you that many others will never get to enjoy their entire lives.

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