Winning a Lottery Jackpot: Lifestyle Changes

Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and avoid excessive indulgences.
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    William Monroe
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It's no surprise that winning the lottery jackpot is going to change your life not only immediately, but for the rest of it as well. It means that you may not have to work ever again, or might only have to work part-time.

You will be able to do and buy things you couldn't even dream of before. You might find yourself becoming a jetsetter or socialite, or wanting to join the local country club to meet people closer to your new status.

Lifestyle changes will definitely occur after a lottery win. New house, new car, new interests. But a lifestyle change should only be enough to enable you to live your life better and freer. You should not turn your entire life around 180 degrees.

Choose Functional over Fancy

If you've always driven a pickup because it's functional and does what you need it to do, then buy a new fully equipped pickup that gives you the bells and whistles and toys to entertain and delight and make you feel good, while providing the necessary functionalities to do the things you need to do. A new sports car may seem flashy and fancy, but will it be functional for your needs?

You will now be able to eat out more, at more expensive restaurants or diners. But don't believe that since you have the money you need to eat out all day, every day. Set aside one day of the week to eat out and maybe do it twice a month. Do breakfast or lunch at a local diner or fast food place maybe twice a week. In reality, you can now buy better food to make and eat at home and take for lunch.

A lottery win doesn't mean fast food and fancy restaurants now need to be an option several times a day. It means you can incorporate dining out more with preparing better food at home, making even working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Not Everyone Needs to Know

Having money doesn't mean you have to spend it or flaunt it. Never flash or use your money to gain favours, favouritism, or to demand to be treated better than others not so fortunate. That's not a lifestyle change, that's a personality change. If you are a nice and kind person, remain that way. Don't be seduced by the dark side of the dollar.

The amount of money you have should never dictate the way you act, treat people, buy things, do business, or anything else in your life.

And don't let your kids think that since you are now "rich" they get to act like they are rich, too. Let them know that it's not their money and that they will be privy to funds if, when and where you decide to dish it out.

Let them know that the money will not be used to turn them into fashion divas or social media darlings. They will be dressed and educated properly, and the money will be used to improve their lives for the better, not the ultimate.

Final Word

Lottery win lifestyle changes should never be drastic and full blown for yourself or any member of your family. They should be tailored to improve your current lifestyle, but not change it into something it never was.

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