Interesting Facts No One Tells You About the Lottery

Would you keep your job if you won the lottery? Many winners do.
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Have you ever wondered if there's a system to winning the lottery?

Ever wondered if there's an art to picking the winning numbers?

You're not alone. In fact, there are a couple of interesting facts no one tells you about the lottery. Until now.

We've compiled a couple of interesting tidbits we thought you'd like to know about.

Winnings Are Often Short-Lived

With money comes power - and an interesting kind of power at that. Money can make you want and even feel like you need things you might not have thought about before. The suddenness of a large lottery win often results in reckless spending sprees.

It's been reported that as many as 44% of winners end up cleaning out their bank accounts within just five years of hitting the jackpot. That's why jackpot winners are advised to consult financial experts soon after they learn they've won big.

Needle in a Haystack or Choosing Winning Numbers? It's Pretty Much the Same Thing

Actually, there may be more chance of finding that needle in the haystack, since there's a choice of nearly 14,000,000 lottery number combinations to choose from.

A Lot Might Not Seem Like Very Much

Hitting the big jackpot is undoubtedly an out-of-this-world experience. But, if you happen to find yourself up $6 million and you find yourself in a room of winners who have won $50 million or more, you may quickly feel like the underdog.

The point? Lottery wins are all relative.

You'll Probably Carry on Working After Winning

Despite the fact that the lottery tends to pay out more money than you're likely to ever need in life, almost half of all winners hang on to their jobs.

Even more interesting, there are those winners who get better jobs or open up their own business.

Fact: don't expect the lottery to be your ticket to a work-free existence.

There's No Chance of Entering All the Possible Winning Combinations

Entering all the possible winning combinations simply can't be done. Well, not unless you have a never-ending bankroll, heaps of time and are pretty mathematically inclined.

Okay, so it's not entirely impossible, but it's downright difficult. Articles have suggested that to enter all the statistically possible winning combinations for the Powerball jackpot, you'd need to spend over $580 million to attempt to even make a dent.

The US Powerball Draws are Closely Monitored

Can you trust that everything runs smoothly and fairly with the US Powerball? Yes.

During Powerball draws, several officials from the lottery organization reside over the draw. There is a security officer and independent auditor present, too.

There are also sufficient security cameras and the drums that hold the lotto balls are stored in an alarm-secured and double-locked safe.

To see exactly how tight security is around lottery draws - and the extent to which lottery operators go in order to ensure fairness - check out our article, How Honest Are Lottery Draws?

You're Only 50% Likely to Be Happier if You Win

Believe it or not, money really can't buy happiness.

According to studies, more than half of national lottery winners report being happier after hitting the jackpot. That's because their financial woes melt away and they can splash out on anything they like.

But what about the other half of winners? Reportedly, for a small 2%, winning the lottery made them less happy. It's probably because of the added responsibilities and pressures that come with a lottery win and also why so many winners continue to work.

You Could Gain Weight

Money makes you comfortable and comfort can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. So, while you may have won a bundle in the bank, your waistline could pile on a new balance of its own.

The Store That Sells a Winning Ticket is Rewarded

The retailer of a winning jackpot ticket usually gets a bonus from the lottery. That cut doesn't come out of the winner's jackpot, but instead from ticket sales and commission that the lottery makes each time a ticket is sold.

The Lottery Has a Connection to State Education Programs

Each lottery organization in each state has chosen different causes to support. The funds allocated from a jackpot win are given to the causes, which are often educational programs.

Are You the Next Lottery Winner?

The odds of being the next winner might seem slim, but considering the payouts, it's got to be worth a shot.

Don't resign yourself to a life of no fortune. Now that you're aware of these 10 interesting facts, why not take a dance with Lady Luck?

It only takes one play for your entire life to change.

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