How to Watch Live Lottery Draws

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How to Watch Live Lottery Draws
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    William Monroe
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If you want to watch lottery draws live, it's no longer as easy as switching on the TV

When lotteries began in many areas around the world, most times the draws were shown live on television as it was viewed as not only a new form of entertainment but also as a ratings driver, It was a new type of gaming option for the public, and the novelty and excitement of such a possibility of winning lots and lots of money was something that people really wanted to participate in and see. Watching each ball drop with ticket in hand, families and friends flocked around the TV and checked every ball pulled against every number on each ticket that they had. The anticipation was wild and for every number that matched one pulled, cheers were made, chants were shouted, and hope was held by all.

The Golden Days of the Televised Draw

Those were the golden days of the lottery draw. Over time, with television slowly being a more per-recorded than live medium, and the slow rise of the digital era, live draws were no longer broadcast. Results of lottery draws were printed in the local newspaper, and then eventually posted on the operator’s website. But the lack of the ability to watch each draw on TV raised some questions into the integrity of the lottery draw, and the concern from gaming regulators that operators were not pulling the numbered balls in an open observable atmosphere. Operators countered that each draw was audited by an accounting firm, but this did little to alleviate fears.

Studio Recordings

In response to this, operators and regulators decided that each draw that used balls to select the numbers, and not a random number generator, should be done in a studio and recorded on video. The recording of the entire draw then was posted on the operator’s website, or on YouTube or other platform to be viewed by the public. This method satisfied the need for full transparency, honesty, and integrity for each draw.

In having the video of the draw posted, it also allowed those players to get back into the old habit of gathering around the now computer and watching the draw. Some players did this by not watching or reading anything about the draw, and simply viewing it when posted with tickets in hand. It brought back the excitement of watching the draw “live” with all the anticipation and excitement of an actual live drawing.

That transparency is still available today for those who want to actually watch the draw take place. All you need to do is call your lottery operator or visit their website and search for the video of the live drawing. Most operators do have it posted, or provide a link to where it can be watched.

Remember that the draw video is posted after the draw has taken place. But is still allows to see how the draw is being conducted, the actual numbers being blown up the blower chute, and the verification of the number to some type of display device. So you can watch the draw to verify in your own mind that the draw is being done fairly, and can play along if you haven’t yet checked your tickets. This way, it keeps the lottery draws more exciting and intriguing for you, and let’s you pass a little bit more time while cooped up in your home.

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