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Start studying for your next Powerball combination
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    Shaun Greer
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How best to select your lottery numbers using all the tools available

There seem to be an endless amount of ways to pick Powerball numbers and combinations. Many players have their own method or strategy that they stick with, while others are more than happy to let the computer do its Quick Pick magic.

But its when jackpots soar that people start playing the lottery in their droves. Which means we’re often faced with a big question: how can we study the numbers before we pick our Powerball combos?

If you’re curious to know, we’ve put together a few ways that players like to pick the Powerball numbers.

Studying Statistics

If you have a head for numbers, stats might be the way to go.

Using statistics to choose your lottery numbers is a bit of a hot topic. That’s because choosing numbers based on statistics doesn’t mean you’re any more likely to win than with a set of Quick Pick numbers.

That’s because every number has an equal chance of being drawn.

That being said, some numbers do come up a lot more often than others. These are called hot numbers, and they’re the ones we see popping up in draws time after time.

Then, there are cold numbers. These are the numbers that aren’t drawn much at all.

When studying hot and cold numbers, keep in mind that plenty of players choose hot numbers. So, if you go with this method, it’s more likely that you’ll have to share your winnings with other ticketholders.

That’s why it’s better to devote your study time to the least frequently drawn Powerball numbers. That way, if you do win, you’re less likely to have to split the winnings.

Studying What’s Due

Speaking of cold numbers, there are sometimes overdue numbers that haven’t come up for an above-average number of draws, which means they’re due.

For instance, if a number is drawn just 5 times in 100 draws, it averages an appearance of once every 20 draws. If more than 20 draws have passed since the number came up, it’s considered due (or overdue).

An interesting aspect of studying due numbers is that, in a way, you can combine this method with the statistics method above. In fact, a lottery number can be simultaneously hot and cold, making it a risk you might just want to take for the next Powerball draw.

Studying the System

There are several different systems out there for choosing Powerball numbers. One popular method is called the Delta Lotto System and it was developed by studying winning lottery combinations and the theory of picking numbers from 1 to 15.

First, you pick three low numbers under 8. The Delta System’s premise is that at least two numbers less than 8 will be dawn on winning tickets about 60% of the time.

Your fourth number should be one that’s pretty close to 8. Then, pick two more numbers that are bigger than the first 4, but no bigger than the number 15.

Then, add up all your numbers and use the total as your final number. Mix them all up into a random order and you have your Powerball combination.

Stay Away from the Obvious

There’s somewhat of a knack to studying Powerball numbers. But when it comes to picking your combinations, stay away from obvious numbers, like anniversaries and birthdays.

This type of method means you’re only choosing numbers between 1 and 31, just like plenty of other people. So, if you do win a jackpot, you’ll likely need to share it.

Are You Ready to Win the Powerball?

There are plenty of different ways to study the numbers before picking your lottery combos.

Do you have a favourite strategy? If not, try each different way to see if any of them yield the results you’re hoping for.

Good luck!

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