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How to Schmooze  with other Millionaires
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    William Monroe
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How to rub shoulders with other millionaires when you win the lottery

When your results come up and you win millions of dollars on the lottery, you join a unique worldwide club peppered with other millionaires. These are the rich and the influential. Now that you are in the club, how do you meet and socialize with other millionaires who are rich from business or family money, rather than having it just dropped into their lap?

Rubbing Shoulders with Millionaires

The best way to schmooze with other millionaires is to get to know them by getting involved in their charities and bringing great value to their causes. For instance, when you find out that a millionaire has their own or a favourite charity, give generously to it. Attend fundraising events for the charity and try to sit near millionaire. Bid in charity auctions. Let the millionaire know you fully support their cause and are interested in helping them raise funds. Find out how they have been raising funds in the past and either copy their method or create your own. The more donors you can get, the more notice you will receive from the millionaire or one of their inner circle, which could get you a meeting with the millionaire.

If you are able to discover great deals on products or services that the millionaire is interested in, privately let them know either in person, via their assistant, or via phone or email. Be aware that although some millionaires are extravagant spendthrifts, most are good at managing their money and are just as deal-conscious as the rest of us and love saving money on things just like we do. The better the deal you can find for the millionaire, the more attraction you bring to yourself.

When you socialize or have meetings or lunch/dinner with the millionaire, and their spouse is there as well, be gracious, nice, and treat and talk to the spouse the same way you do as with the millionaire. Spouses who do not share their millionaire partner’s type of work, sometimes feel that they are more of a prop than a partner at events, parties, or other public appearances. Pay the same attention to the spouse as you do the millionaire. Get them to like you. Ask questions and show interest in their answers. Remember details about the spouse that you can use to show your appreciation of meeting them, such as a personal note or favourite chocolate bar. Even though spouses of millionaires may be in the background most of the time, spouses are extremely influential in their millionaire partner’s business and personal lives. If the spouse likes you and thinks you can help their millionaire partner in some way, they will mention it to them.

It might seem a little corny, but after you attend a millionaire’s event, send a personal thank-you note to them. Do not send an email, but an actual handwritten note. This shows appreciation and effort in thanking the millionaire for having you at the event, meeting, or for dinner. Handwritten notes are tangible appreciations and sometimes are saved as a reminder of the event or meeting, or for contact information.

Getting to know other millionaires is very beneficial in your monetary life. They can let you know of their investment strategies that help them make money, or can introduce you to their investment firm. Investing in similar companies or funds that they do is good way to make money as they do.

So if you win the lottery, cultivate relationships with other millionaires. Being in “the club” allows you access to other millionaires, opportunities to help them out, and opportunities to benefit from their experience and financial success.

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