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When you become a Powerball winner, you might wonder how you go about remaining anonymous when claiming your Powerball prize.

It doesn’t matter if you’re generally shy in nature or outgoing; if you win a Powerball jackpot, you’ll want to dodge unwanted attention. Sure, you’ll be happy to celebrate the big windfall. But you’re also aware of scammers out there. And you don’t want unruly distant cousins coming out of the woodwork to ask for a handout. So, can you go about keeping your Powerball winner status under the radar? Here are a few genius strategies to do your best to remain anonymous after winning it big.

How to Be Anonymous in Claiming Your Powerball prize

Not all states will legally allow you to come forward and claim your Powerball prize anonymously. But regarding those states that do allow it, including Delaware, Kansas, Ohio, Maryland, North Dakota, and South Carolina, get with a legal professional and set up the LLC or trust. It’s your LLC or trust entity that will come forward to collect your prize, leaving your name out of it and allowing you a layer of anonymity from the beginning.

If you can’t claim your prize without providing your name, there are still a few tricks to know. You can ask the Powerball officials, for example, to put only your first initial on the big check or with press releases. And if you have to do the photo op with the big check, hide your face.

Staying Under the Radar with Family and Friends

As excited as you might be to share your Powerball winning news if the goal is to remain as anonymous as possible, don’t tell anyone. Some attorney professionals insist you don’t tell friends or even some family members about your fortunes. And if it makes it easier to keep your enthusiasm under wraps, maybe take a vacation to get away for a while. Let the dust settle and put some distance between yourself and others. You can afford to do it now, too.

Controlling Your Social Media

You might do your best to keep the news about your Powerball win off of social media, but don’t stop there. Someone might get word of your win and post on your wall or comment on your update, inadvertently informing the world. Suspend your account if you need to and tell friends you were put in “Facebook jail.” Turn commenting off or use your settings to control who can post on your profiles. Take control of social media if your plan is to remain anonymous.

Changing Your Phone Number

Some financial experts advise their Powerball winner clients to just get new phone numbers right off the bat. Word may eventually get out about your newfound wealth. And the phone will eventually start ringing with potential scammers, long-lost relatives, and local charities. To avoid the attention, before you even claim your prize, go get new phones and/or phone numbers. Only give those numbers out to your immediate family.

Avoid Significant Purchases Right Away

There’s no question. You’re going to have a complete and full roster of things you’ll want to buy first with your Powerball jackpot. But if the objective is to remain anonymous, maybe practice a little patience with your purchases. Some advise that you not make any significant or flashy purchases for at least a year. Others say to spread your purchases out over time. In other words, no matter how hush-hush you keep things, if you all of a sudden have a few new cars, a flashy boat, and a family of quads at your house, people will notice.

Devise a Plan Before You Claim Your Powerball Prize

If you’re holding a winning Powerball ticket, now’s the best time to make a plan. Don’t wait until after word’s gotten out about your windfall to try and minimize your publicity. Instead, take your time to develop a plan before you claim your prize. Find professionals who are versed in wealth management, including financial advisors and attorneys, who can be equally discreet. You can then follow your plan to keep the buzz to yourself about your jackpot.

Now that you know all the best tips for remaining anonymous after winning the Powerball jackpot, all you need to do is play so you can win!

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