How to Play the Jackpot-O-Meter

What's the current Powerball jackpot?
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Have you heard of the Powerball Jackpot-O-Meter? It’s a fun meter that shows you the current jackpot size in terms of the starting amount along with the historically largest jackpot to date.

The Jackpot-O-Meter is neatly presented to you in an easy to understand graphic that can help you decide whether it’s time for you to purchase tickets or wait it out for a bigger jackpot.

Jackpot Statistics At Their Very Best

The Powerball Jackpot-O-Meter offers a quick overview of the current jackpot, so it’s handy if you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy tickets this week or even buy a few more tickets.

It’s a simple graphic that can help you with your buying decision. But for a more informed decision, you might want to look at Powerball statistics. These offer a full overview of hot and cold numbers throughout the lottery’s history.

Usually presented in a table format, you can view statistics like frequency and number of draws. You can even view important information such as jackpot size and previous jackpot wins. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that the Powerball, like any other lottery, is a game of luck and that means all the numbers have the same chance of being drawn.

That being said, the Powerball statistics make it possible to look back over 20 years of draws. So, you get to see which numbers are statistically luckier than others. Whether your definition of luck is based on the number of jackpots or the size of jackpots won, you can still make a more informed playing decision.

Jackpot Graphics Help, Too

Jackpot graphics, just like the Powerball Jackpot-O-Meter, can help you with your number picking and ticket buying decisions. These graphics typically show the jackpot size over a period of time. Some graphics allow you to specify the year or a span of years.

We’d say the best way to use these graphics is to specify a certain year. That’s because the rules and mechanisms for playing Powerball have changed over time and as a result, the overall view isn’t the clearest statement about the development of jackpot levels.

Keep Variance In Mind

Here’s a question – if the Powerball jackpot swells and it makes statistical sense to enter the lottery for a certain draw, should you buy as many tickets as you possibly can?

It all depends. If you have an infinite bankroll, go for it. But spend your life savings on tickets and lose, and you’ll have lost everything. That’s what gamblers call variance. Think of it as inconsistency.

According to experts, you’d need several lifetimes to really make money playing the lottery. Scooping a mega jackpot, no matter what the Jackpot-O-Meter and statistics tell you, all comes down to luck and chance.

It’s Only a Game, After All

A lottery isn’t an opportunity to invest. Lotteries are games. They’re designed to be entertaining, and for many players, that’s what they are. Which is why we always recommend never spending more than you can afford on your Powerball tickets.

Big Winners Do Happen

Take a look at the figures, and you’ll quickly realise that some lucky winners have scooped big jackpots playing Powerball. One of the biggest wins to date happened in January 2016 when three ticket holders shared a jackpot of just over $1.5 billion.

In 2017, another big jackpot went to a lucky lady in Massachusetts. Mavis Wanczyk won a whopping $758.7 million and opted for a lump sum payment of a $336 million after taxes.

Just last year, a Powerball jackpot of $559.7 million was won – the sixth largest win in the lottery’s history.

These are just some examples of lucky winners. The Powerball Jackpot-O-Meter is a great way to get an overview of this week’s jackpot and previous wins, but remember, lotteries are a game of luck. You either have it for the next draw, or you don’t.

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