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How to Personalize your Life
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    William Monroe
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Using a lottery win to personalize your life

Have you always wanted to make your life a very personal experience? You know, like personalizing everything you own? Well, if you win the jackpot on the lottery you can really personalize some things that will show off your personality.

Personalizing Your Life Doesn't Come Cheap

One of the most personal things you can personalize is your licence plate. Many provinces and states allow car owners to put personalised wording on a plate for a premium price. Your plate can contain almost and combination of numbers and letters that you want, up to maximum of what the plate can hold.

Within that freedom are some restrictions of what you can use. For instance, you can’t have any letters or numbers that connotate sexual meanings or messagings, or sexual and eliminatory functions. You also can’t have anything that would be construed as obscene, profane, offensive slang, etc. No reference to illegal drugs, their effects, and alcohol related wording or brands.

Nothing that relates to violence or criminal activity. Nothing related to any type of human rights discrimination such as race, colour, disability, etc.

Some places even let you put available graphics on your plate such as the designated animal or bird for the state or province, sports teams, and other various types of graphics to show your personality.

So no BIG PP, POOP U, or DRGS ROCK, but you can use, as long as someone else hasn’t used it first, JIMS MOBL, FRMMY WF, or BAD GIRL. You could go with your job such as TOOTH DR, ACCNTNT, or MAIL LADY. Or your hobby such as KNITTER, RSE GRDNR, or GR8TGLFR.

So personalising your licence plate can be fun and affordable now that you have the money to pay for it. Just remember that having a personal licence plate means the police can remember your plate very easily if you are caught speeding or not signaling turns.

Personalize Everything!

Who would every have thought you could personalize M&Ms? Your local bakery can personalized cakes but they can’t personalize brand name chocolate. At the M&Ms website, you can make a pack of the iconic chocolate buttons specifically for you. Think of it next time you hand out M&Ms at your next party or barbecue. You guests will defiantly know who you are or what kind of a crazy character you can be.

You get to choose the colours of your M&Ms and add clip art to some of them. You also get to add two lines of message up to nine characters per line. For instance, J SMITH on the first line and LTRY WNNR on the second. You can even upload your own image of yourself you and your significant other, or your pets. They even let you choose your own packaging for your personal M&Ms. Choose from bags, boxes, or tins, gift giving packages if buying them for someone else, and the best, a personalized business card kit with a bottom containing your personal M&M’s so that potential or current customers can take your business card, but get a chocolaty mini billboard ad for you or your business as well.. Personalizing M&Ms can be a very egotistically fun thing to do.

Of course, you can personalize jewelry, t-shirts, sweaters, and other types of clothing, and you search the Internet a lot, you will find many other things that can bear your name or witty personality. Hats, beach towels, food items, buttons, stickers, you name it and can probably personalize it. For the more obscure personalizations, such as your own billboard, full page announcement in the paper or online, or etched message on a diamond, you can expect a good portion of your jackpot win to towards fun little things like this.

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