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How to Hide your Winnings
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    William Monroe
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When you have a lot of cash, you're going to want to make sure it's safely hidden away

If you happen to hit the big one and win the jackpot on the lottery, one of the things you are going to wonder about is how to keep your money safe. The most common way is to deposit it in the bank. You can go for a GIC or have it put into many different types of financial accounts. This is what most people do when they win, They bank the money. The bank provides a secure environment for your money, with the opportunity to make some money on top of it through interest. The rate of return is usually low but is guaranteed.

Rewards and Investments

Other people will take more of a chance by placing their money with investment or financial firms to have it put into higher return accounts. Although not as secure as the bank, the rate of return on the investment tends to be much higher, but any type of income is not guaranteed.

However, there are some lottery winners who are not concerned about getting more money from their winnings, but in preventing anyone else from getting any of their lottery windfall. They don’t trust banks or any other financial or investment firms, and will get as money as they can in cash. Then, they will actually hide their winnings away where only they know where it is.

Hiding Cash from Others

Call it paranoia or smart thinking, but hiding your winnings does sort of guarantee that it should be there anytime you look for it as long no one else knows about it.

Most people who hide their money will do so in their house. They may stash some under their mattress. Some put it into empty ice cream containers or empty meat boxes and put it in their freezer. Some may even stash it in cookie, tea, coffee, or sugar tins. Others may even go so far as to actually bury their money in the backyard by the little tree by the garden. The point for this is to hide it out in plain sight.

By doing this, no one else knows where the money is, but is quickly accessible to the winner. However, the money may be found by someone through random chance and could quickly disappear with the winner knowing it is gone.

Others will take more elaborate methods to hide their money. Some will build false walls within the rooms of their house and stash the money behind them. Every room will look normal and no one will suspect the secret that lies behind the walls. Others will build underground safes or vaults to lock and hideaway their millions. Others might hide the money in relatives homes or possibly out in the country at their cottage or camp.

One or two may decide to go a little further and do an “Oak Island”, placing their winnings inside waterproof bags, and “burying” the money in a lake or pond where it would be extremely difficult to find or retrieve.

However, how you want to hide your lottery winnings is up to you. Just ensure you always remember where you hid your money. Otherwise, you may be out of luck if you have to hunt for it.

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