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How to gain fresh powerball insight
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    Shaun Greer
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Looking at lottery afresh can keep you in the loop when it comes to Powerball

Most of us probably realise there are long odds against winning the main Powerball jackpot. But that doesn’t make the possibility any less seductive. In fact, a potential payout, for many who regularly play the lottery, might be so incredibly life-changing that it justifies the cost of tickets week in and week out.

Yet, when it comes to playing and winning, there’s quite a bit you need to know. After all, they do say knowledge is power. It’s exactly why we recommend keeping up to date with all the latest Powerball news and insight.

Not convinced? Consider our three points below.

Lottery Scams Really Are A Thing

There you are going about your day when you get a call or email telling you you’ve won the jackpot. It seems too good to be true.

It is!

Lottery scams are actually common. A scam may sound legit, but it’s still a scam.

On the bright side, there are several ways to identify the con. Usually, they’ll want you to pay fees upfront like the scammer will ask you to send them money so that they can process your winnings. They’ll tell you everything is above board and confidential, and that if you have any questions, they’re there to answer them.

Lottery scams play on our innate desire to win. But always remember if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

When you keep up with fresh Powerball news and insights, you can keep up to date with the latest lottery scams and how to protect yourself, and potentially your winnings, from falling victim to nefarious sources.

There Are Plenty of Ways to Play and Spend

Most Powerball jackpot winners make hasty financial decisions. From buying a fleet of sports cars to a yacht and helicopter to travelling first class around the world, winners can go through their stash extremely quickly.

It’s easy enough for a jackpot winner to view their prize as free money they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to earn or save. And since they weren’t planning on the big win, they don’t have a sound plan as to do what to do with their stacks of cash.

This is why we read so many stories of winners who ignore their mortgages, debts and other necessary plans and payments and spiral into uncontrolled spending.

But there are ways to play with your winnings. With fresh insight into the Powerball lottery, you can plan for your big win and spend time thinking about investments and the future rather than ticking off your bucket list as quickly as the money comes in.

Playing Powerball Is Sheer Entertainment

Some players realise that, while playing the lottery week in and week out may hold little economic value, it’s certainly a lot of fun. While chances are pretty slim that you’ll hit the big jackpot, you can at least have fun trying.

After all, not everyone is motivated by financial rewards. Plenty of people purchase their Powerball tickets with no expectation of financial gain. For some, it’s all about figuring out a method or strategy for play. For others, it’s the thrill of choosing a Quick Pick combination and just having fun.

It’s fortunate, really, that we are motivated by more than just money. For less than a cup of your favourite coffee, you can spend a few hours fantasizing of a big windfall. The sheer thrill of daydreaming, alone, is enough to justify the cost of at least a line or two for the next draw.

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