How Some Powerball Players Determine Their Lucky Numbers

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powerball players determine their lucky numbers
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    Shaun Greer
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You may be wondering how some Powerball players determine their lucky numbers.

Wave the magic wand, fluff the troll’s hair, and grab onto your rabbit’s foot. Today, we’ll share some of the ways Powerball players go about choosing their lucky numbers. And it’s one part superstition, two parts crazy, and ten parts fun. Who knows, maybe you pick your lucky numbers the same way as some of these players do!

Numbers with Sentimental Value

Most Powerball players based their number selection on meaningful days and sentimental value. Special anniversary dates, birthdays, and college football jersey numbers seem to be popular themes. For whatever reason, these particular numbers mean something. That personal value system also tends to make those numbers feel luckier than the rest.

The Traditional Lucky Numbers

If you’re old enough to remember Wheel of Fortune, you’ll probably also remember the handful of letters automatically chosen for the contestants in the finals – R, S, T, L, N, and E. These were letters picked by contestants the most and so often, that the show changed the game to give these letters as a bonus before each finale puzzle to solve. Powerball has a similar pattern. There are some numbers that so many people consider to be lucky, and are chosen way more often than any others, that they’re just understood to be universal lucky numbers. Three, four, and seven always seem to make the list, as do 12 and 23.

Numerology as a Guide

Some Powerball players believe that numbers possess a more spiritual series of properties or that there are mysterious codes behind numerology. There are several different numerology interpretations, including the system that uses a table and assigns letters and numbers. Plugging in meaningful words or names can, in turn, produce a series of numbers. It’s systems like these that make some people believe in lucky numbers.

The Daily Horoscopes & Chance Fortune Cookies

Are you an avid fan of reading your daily horoscope? Do you keep and save your fortune cookies from Chinese restaurants? If so, you have great resources to help you find lucky numbers, or at least that’s what horoscope and fortune cookie believers say. Some people abide by their astrology signs and predictions to play certain numbers as their Powerball choices. Others believe in fate by fortune and use the lucky numbers often listed with every cookie or in the daily fortunes.

Some of Powerball’s Most Frequently Picked Numbers

Looking back over the history of Powerball, there are some numbers that seem to repeat occasionally as the chosen Powerball number. Some of the most frequently selected numbers include 16, 26, 28, 32, and 41. The number 26 has been drawn more than 280 times over the years! People like to use these numbers in their Powerball selections, hoping to cash in like so many before them. And if you’re interested in the number that has been drawn the least, it’s 66. Now, these are simply historical anomalies. Whether or not you feel they’re lucky is entirely up to you.

The Truth about Lucky Numbers

Powerball, along with every lottery game, is entirely random. There isn’t a selection of numbers that possess better odds than any other. And past picks don’t have any bearing on future picks. Mathematically and statistically, every number in the game has the same chance of being drawn during every game. It certainly doesn’t mean picking lucky numbers isn’t fun. That’s part of the allure of playing Powerball in the first place. Just remember, no matter how lucky you feel, the numbers are always chosen by chance.

Keep on working your magic eight ball and going with your gut when you’re ready to pick your Powerball numbers. Rub the troll’s fuzzy hair and roll your favorite dice. Have some fun with choosing your numbers, and good luck. Don’t forget, though, the only sure-fire way you have a shot at winning the Powerball is by playing in the first place, regardless of your lucky numbers.

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