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Have Your Numbers Ever Won?
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    William Monroe
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Have your lottery numbers ever come up, maybe before you started playing them?

Many players like to use a regular set of numbers to play the lottery. These numbers could be made up of birthdays, anniversaries, ages, and other numbers important to the player. Whatever your regular set of numbers are, do you know if your numbers have ever won? Do you know how many times your numbers won a prize? No? You’re not alone. Many lottery players have no clue if their numbers ever won a prize. And prizes could have been possibly won but never claimed due to not being played.

Could Your Numbers Come Up When You Didn't Play?

Let’s admit it. Mot of us try to buy our tickets on a regular basis. But sometimes due to simply forgetting, to being so tied up with life that we don’t get the chance to buy our tickets, we may sometimes not have a ticket for a certain draw. Most of us don’t worry about it if we miss a few draws. But some of us might want to know if we would have won anything on that draw, or how many times our numbers have won something.

Did you know that many lottery operators have a way to check online? They provide results for the number set you key in. Although each operator is different, this is a general idea of how it works. Click on the button labelled “have your numbers ever won” or other such wording. Select the game you want to check. Input your number set and click enter or submit. The results present to you will show you how many times your numbers won in each year, the dates of the wins per year, and the numbers that matched for that draw. You can then look up what the matching numbers winning prize was.

Do You Really Want to Know?

USE CAUTION BEFORE YOU CHECK! The discovery that your set of numbers may have been eligible for a large prize or even the jackpot on a missed play can be disappointing and cause a bit of grief. Getting into the “if only I had bought that ticket I’d be a millionaire now” attitude and feeling depressed for yourself won’t change your current situation and could lead to depression and anxiety. Things that happened in the past, even if it was only a second ago, cannot be undone or changed. It already happened and there is nothing to change that. Crying and lamenting on what you should have done is unhealthy and bad for both you and your family. If you feel that finding out this information would be devastating then don’t do it.

However, if you can shrug your shoulders and go on with your life, then checking this out won’t be stressful in any for you and you can at least see what prizes you missed out on. You can use this data to see if any patterns emerge showing things like missing buying tickets on nights you worked late, on certain grocery trips, or when you had a particular type of appointment. It’s simply interesting data to look over and play with.

So if you miss a draw, then the act is done. You can’t change what happened in the past. But you can change what is going to happen in the future. If you don’t want to miss any more draws, then sign up for online lottery with your operator. Money can regularly been taken from your bank account to automatically buy your tickets for each draw. Since you never have to go to a retailer, you will never forget to buy your tickets. And if you win, you will be notified automatically. It may take some fun out of playing but at least you will have a ticket for every draw.

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