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Have More Fun, Have a Lottery Party
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    William Monroe
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Humans just love a party, so how about a lottery party?

As humans, we love parties. We have parties for many reasons, from birthdays and graduations to weddings and anniversaries. We also have parties to celebrate new home purchases, pregnancy with baby showers, and we love to entertain by having dinners and barbecues. In fact, give us any reason to have a party or get-together and we will put one together in a matter of hours.

But What is a Lottery Party?

However, sometimes it can be fun to shake things up a bit and have a lottery party. What is a lottery party? It’s a party where you and your friends and family buy tickets for the same draw, then have a get-together at someone’s home and wait for the results of the draw, where everyone checks their tickets and any winners shout out their excitement, even for a free play, and jump around. It’s an exciting way to play the lottery.

To have a great lottery party, you will need to coordinate with those who will be present at the party. Everyone needs to buy their tickets, whether self-selected or quick picks, before the draw date, and confirm they will be in attendance. Everyone is also expected to bring drinks and food to share, with chips, nachos, and dip at the top of the list. Everyone must be at the party at least one hour before the draw announcement to mingle and chat.

Gather Everyone Around

With everyone gathered around, and the food and drink flowing, all you have to do is wait for the announcement of the winning numbers. This can be through watching or listening to the news, viewing the draw live or taped and posted on the operator’s website, or any other way the operator announces the winning numbers.

Now while watching or listening to the draw or winning number results, everyone is being perfectly quiet and holding their breath to see if they are winners. Once the draw commences or the winning numbers are announced, anyone who matches a number on their ticket that is called, is required to jump up and down, and scream for joy. Anybody who doesn’t have the number, is required to boo and boo loudly. You really want to hear more screams than boos so everyone knows who matches a number, but the combination of screams and boos for each number can fun and comical in its own right.

When the draw or announcement is over, everyone goes over their tickets and checks for winning combinations but remains silent. You can then play a game by asking who won a free play, who won $5.00, who won a large amount. Those who won what you are asking scream in joy. The goal is to hear lots of screams and of course, the louder and longer the scream, the higher the prize that have been won

Having a lottery party brings friends and family together over a common entertainment activity that would otherwise be a non-event if people were playing by themselves. But by making it a party atmosphere and putting a little fun and excitement into buying and checking the tickets, even small wins such as a few dollars or a free play can actually be appreciated more. So create a lottery party for a future draw and see how much fun you and your loved ones can really have fun with the lottery.

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