Giving it all Away

Using big lottery wins to help others
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Giving it all Away
  • Author:
    William Monroe
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We have all heard the stories of what lottery winners are going to do with their winnings.

They mirror our own thoughts of paying off bills, buying a new house and new car, travelling around the world, sailing the oceansand setting ourselves up for totally debt-free life and a more luxurious lifestyle. A life that is free from worry, stress, and bills.

Not everyone treats just themselves

But not all big lottery winners have these same dreams.There are a few who decide that doing good things with their winnings is the obvious and only choice for them.

For whatever their reasons, they are willing to part with all of their jackpot money for the benefit of other people. They feel that giving back and helping others is a greater and more important use of the money rather than spending it on themselves.


Some winners will donate all of their winnings to charities that are very close to their heart. They might have had a personal experience in a particular area, or had a loved one who was helped by that charity.

Some may give it all away by supporting or founding a day or summer camp for children, or provide a special program at the school they went to as a kid.

Others may feel that all of the money should go to old age homes to support the residents with better food, lots of recreational activities, and support and increase their residents’ medical and therapeutic resources.

Some may turn over every cent of their jackpot to support the training and use of guide dogs for the blind or other service animals for people with various disabilities. For these lucky winners, the act of donating all of their money to these charities gives them great satisfaction and makes them feel good that they are contributing towards helpingsomeone be able to function more fully in society.

One of the more popular charities that may end up receiving the entire amount of a jackpot winner’s prize are the various wish-granting organizations and agencies for terminally ill children.

These agencies always need money to be able to grant these kids’ wishes. It’s not cheap to send a child and their family on a trip to Disneyland, or arrange for a child’s favourite celebrity to show up out of the blue and see the expression on the child’s face. All they want to do is give a child something to enjoy out of a terrible situation.

To some jackpot winners, this is more important than anything else that the money could be used for, including getting themselves out of poverty.

So yes, there are some winners who are not interested in winning the jackpot for themselves, but to parcel all of it out to people who they think can use it better. They are selfless in their desire to keep the cash and the feeling of helping out other people through their own good fortune is the only thing that these lottery winners care about.

For these people, it all comes down to this philosophy: if you’ve never had, you’ll never miss it.

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