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Find all the heartwarming stories right here in this collection of Powerball winner stories with good deeds, rags to riches, and love in the details.

A general Google search for past Powerball winners will produce a long list of headlines. And many of those stories end up being cautionary tales of big wins gone awry, where first-time millionaires end up broke or worse. But not all Powerball winner stories have tragic endings. In fact, there are hundreds of inspirational winner headlines that will have you smiling. Check out some of these heartwarming Powerball winner stories and see how positive a jackpot win was for these lucky players.

1. Single Mom’s Law of Attraction Method Wins Big

Cynthia Stafford took in her brother’s five children after he’d been killed by a drunk driver, raising them as her own, on her own. Despite the hardships of raising such a large family in a small thousand-square-foot house, living paycheck to paycheck, Cynthia remained hopeful her luck would change. Tapping the laws of attraction, Cynthia began sleeping with a number under her pillow, meditating on winning the Powerball jackpot, and visualizing her life after such a win. Three years later, her luck changed, and she walked away with a Powerball jackpot that matched her under-the-pillow number and positive visualization. She not only was able to turn her family finances around. She also started a film company to pursue her dream career.

2. A Down-and-Out Cowboy Keeps Ranching with His Win

Neal Wanless, a cowboy in South Dakota, was behind on his property taxes, unable to afford repairs to his ranch, and trying to sell scrap metal to make ends meet. But his life as one of the poorest ranchers around would soon change when he won a Powerball jackpot that allowed him to take a lump-sum of more than $88 million home. His newfound wealth helped him get back on his feet with his own ranch. But he also shared his good fortune with others struggling in his local community.

3. The Smith Family Foundation Improves a NJ Community

Pearlie Mae Smith and her family have always found ways to contribute and give back to their community. Her children grew up volunteering in soup kitchens and local garden initiatives. So when Pearlie Mae’s family won a $429 million Powerball jackpot, they knew they had to use their good luck to help others. The jackpot was evenly split among the family members, each embarking on their own good deeds. The family also collectively started the Smith Family Foundation, which aimed to provide funding for local NJ community organizations to support youth activities, neighborhood development, and education.

4. Powerball Win Funds Camp for Kids

Les Robins was a high school teacher when he became a $111 million jackpot winner. Reflecting on what to do with his newfound wealth, Les chose to invest in one of his favorite activities as a kid - going to camp. Les founded Camp Winnegator, which sprawled over 226 acres. This camp was a low-cost summer hangout for kids where they could swim, craft, and ride horses. This camp served local camp-goers for more than a decade.

5. Legacy of Angels Boosts Awareness of Rare Disease

Paul and Sue Rosenau suffered an unimaginable loss when their granddaughter Makayla died of an incurable rare disease called Krabbe Disease. So, when the Rosenaus won more than $181 million in Powerball, they knew they had to raise awareness in honor of Makayla. They founded the Legacy of Angels to drive awareness and provide funding to research the degenerative illness that impacts only one out of 100,000 newborn babies.

Get Inspired to Create Your Own Heartwarming Story

Powerball winner stories emerge all the time. And it might inspire you to dream deeper about how you’d invest your jackpot should you become a winner yourself. So, get out there and play! Maybe you could create a heartwarming Powerball winner legacy tale of your own!

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