5 Things the Most Powerball Winners Buy First

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Here are the things that Powerball winners tend to make their first purchase!

Powerball winners prove to be unique in a variety of ways, from where they purchased their tickets, to financial status, age, and career. Despite the many differences between winners over the years, there are a few similarities, including how Powerball winners react to the news of their surprising multi-millionaire status. And beyond the initial reaction comes the spending and investing. Powerball winners buy many of the same things right away, as the millions burn proverbial holes in their pockets. And if you find yourself holding the winning numbers, you might make these same purchases right off the bat, as well.

Winners Almost Always Buy More Tickets

When you’re feeling lucky, you’re just feeling lucky. Gas station and supermarket attendants will say one of the first things winners almost always buy are more tickets. But this is true of any game, not just Powerball winners. While the chances are slim of a Powerball winner scoring another jackpot, it has actually happened.

Many Winners Take that Much-Needed Vacation

Many stories that emerge about lucky Powerball winners suggest one of the first things these individuals spend their money on is a much-needed vacation or travel. Some opt to venture out alone for an extended cruise or exotic destination to disconnect from everyday life. Others pony up and take the entire extended family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip abroad. The vacation itineraries may vary, but Powerball winners buy an adventure away from home almost always immediately.

Pay Off the House (Or Buy a New One)

It’s not uncommon to hear about Powerball winners buying a new home, or at the very least, paying off a current mortgage. It’s one of the first significant purchases or investments winners make. A home is considered the most expensive investment any individual faces in his or her lifetime. So it only makes perfect sense that when the millions roll in, it’s one of the first things new winners buy. And while some play it modest by simply paying off an existing mortgage, others go even further by purchasing bigger homes or second homes for vacation.

A Fancy Set of Wheels

One of the second most expensive purchases a person may make in life is buying a car. Of course, when you’re on a budget, what you drive may not be all that impressive. But when people win the Powerball, a fancy and new set of wheels is almost always on the list of things to buy first. Powerball winners buy new rides for themselves and others around them. Some even say the most rewarding experience is strolling into a dealership looking to purchase new vehicles outright that they never dreamed they could afford to buy.

Shopping Sprees for One and All

Powerball winners don’t just rush out to buy the big things. In fact, most Powerball winners buy little things first, including shopping sprees and self-indulgent pampering excursions. Whether it’s a girls’ day at the most expensive spa with a group of friends, or an all-inclusive day at the mall, extravagant day trips with family and friends tend to bring all the joy. Some pamper their pets; others spoil friends with gift purchases or fine-dining meals. And in the end, the price tag might be hefty to a pre-winning bank account. But since winning the millions, spending a few thousand on wardrobes, jewelry, and country-club memberships is just a drop in the bucket for Powerball winners.
Powerball winners buy all sorts of things with their jackpot earnings. But many tend to think alike when they prioritize what to invest in first. To learn about other winning purchases or to play Powerball for yourself, visit us online!

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