Does it Matter where you buy your Ticket?

Is one store luckier than another?
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Does it Matter where you buy your Ticket?
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    William Monroe
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One of the factors some players use in their lottery ticket purchases is where they should buy their ticket? What store will give them the best chance of winning?

Pick a retailer that always seems to sell high prize tickets, or one that has never sold a jackpot ticket…yet, because now it is due to do so?

Buy a ticket at any retailer, as it really doesn’t matter? Or just keep playing at your local store?

Purchase location strategy

The fact is some players actually do use the purchase location in their “strategy” of winning the lottery.

They feel that the luck that is already there, or that hasn’t shown up yet, will rub off on them and allow them to win the lottery.

And as with many of the things associated with beliefs in gambling, most are contradictory to themselves.

What people believe

For example, some people will only buy their tickets at a retailer that has recently sold a ticket with a large win such as a jackpot.

Their belief is that luck has rained down on that one retailer and even if they themselves don’t win the next jackpot, they will win a significant prize based on the belief of luck for that jackpot win at that retailer.

Conversely, some players will only buy tickets from retailers that have never sold a jackpot ticket on the belief that such a win is due at that location and they should buy from this retailer to increase their chances of winning.

Other players, if they have access to published statistics, will only buy tickets at retailers that constantly sell the most amount of tickets, whether they be winners or not. Obviously, to them, this retailer must be popular due to the significant amount of winning tickets sold.

Or they will only buy from sellers that sell the least amount of tickets, since they don’t sell too many, the winning number combinations must still be up for grabs.

Some players will seek out retailers that have sold the most amount of winning tickets, seeing that players at this location are the ones who seem to be winning the most.

Others look for places that sell the least amount of winning tickets, again on the proverbial belief that the lack of winning tickets means that one is due.

How would you do it?

So, do you go to the retailer who sells the most amounts of tickets or the least amounts of tickets for one particular game?

What about lineups at retailers? Do you go to places that have the longest lineups proving that this retailer sells winning tickets, or go for the ones that have the shortest lineups to increase your chances?

As we see, half the people believe that a large amount of wins, tickets, people, etc is the way to go to increase your chances of winning a prize or even the jackpot. The other half are certain that going for the smaller and shorter numbers will increase your chances of winning.

Who is right in their belief?

Actually neither and both at the same time.

You have a very slim chance of being hit by lightning. But it doesn’t matter if you are on a golf course, in your car, at home, or walking in a downtown area surrounded by skyscrapers, if it’s in the cards for you to get hit by lightning, then you will be hit by lightning.

Same thing for the lottery. It doesn’t matter where you buy your ticket, if fate says you are going to win, then you will win.

In the end, only you can really decide where you think the best place to buy tickets actually is. Regularly at your corner store, the gas station near work, various retailers while you run your errands, or at a multitude of places to spread out the chances.

Whatever works for you is the way to go.

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