Diversifying Lottery Purchases

Do you play one game lots, or play them all?
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Diversifying Lottery Purchases
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    William Monroe
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Most lottery operators run a large variety of games to cater to various demographics of customers.

Therefore, you won’t find just one game available to be played, but many different types of draws on different nights of the week.

With so many choices, a question that comes up often is, should you buy a lot of tickets for one game draw, or a ticket for all the game draws?

A ticket for all the game draws or multiple for one?

It seems to be a simple question but in reality, there are as many supporters of one method as there are for the other. And although it comes down to a person’s individual decision, there are many pros and cons to each method that must be looked at first.

Buying multiple tickets for one game gives you multiple chances at winning something for that draw. Since only one set of numbers is pulled for the draw, each ticket gives you a new chance to match the drawn numbers.

Conversely, buying one ticket for each draw, limits the amount of tickets you have for each game, but allows you to play different games for the draw night, and different games may have different odds of winning.

So which method is the better method?

Playing a math game

From a purely mathematical perspective, buying multiple tickets for the one game draw is the way to go.

Since every ticket is only for the one game, each ticket gives you another chance of hitting the drawn numbers.

It’s similar to playing a one-line slot machine. Each spin of the reels is a separate game and each spin has the potential of hitting a winning combination. So the more spins, tickets, or plays, you have on that one game, the more chances you have of getting a win.

And of course each ticket is going to cost the same to purchase.


On the other hand, if you are a weekend player, you know that most lottery operators run multiple games that may be drawn on the same night or on Fri/Sat/Sun draw session.

By playing multiple tickets for only one game, you miss out on any potential win if you were not to play those games as well. And for most players, it’s not about getting any particular game win, but getting a win that counts.

And with different games there may be different prices for game tickets.

What works for you?

So what should you do.

First, look at your lottery budget. Do you only have the funds to buy a couple of tickets or so? Then playing multiple tickets for one game makes more sense in this case.

You need to be frugal and therefore need to assess which game is going to get your money. The one with the highest jackpot? The one with the better odds? The one you always play no matter what?

If you are going this route, then you need to decide which game you are going to play.

If you have a little more available funds, then getting one or two tickets for each game draw will be more fun and possibly more exciting.

When you check your tickets, even if you don’t win your state or provincial game, you still have a chance on your national game.

Playing more than one lottery game is a bit more exciting than playing multiple tickets for one game.

All in all, it really doesn’t matter which way you want to play. Just look at both methods from the two points of view and decide which method might work for you.

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