Different Types of Lottery Prizes

Cash isn't the only prize on offer
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Different Types of Lottery Prizes
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    William Monroe
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When anyone thinks of lottery prizes they automatically think of cash, as that is the traditional prize lotteries are known for.

But many lottery operators, and regulators, are realizing that the offering of other types of prizes, especially as done with slot machines, may be the new way to keep players playing, and increase participation and income.

Attarcting a New Generation

The realization that the younger population is not as much gamblers as their parents and grandparents are is causing many jurisdictions to panic slightly.

If the current generation is not going to buy lottery tickets because the prize money is not something that titillates their thrill or pleasure areas of the brain, then their children will be even less inclined to gamble.

This is not to say that the gaming industry is trying to coerce or “get” anyone addicted to gambling.

On the contrary, it is about simply doing business, like any other business; keeping loyal customers loyal and building and increasing the customer base.

As with other businesses it is about offering prodcuts or services that current customers may like to try or are looking for, and that potential new customers might find attractive to keep them engaged and playing.

Young people today, and some older ones at that, are more interested in things other than money.

What's on Offer?

Unique experiences, the latest electronics, music, meeting celebrities, and other similar types of products or excitement.

This has translated well in the slot machine gaming sector.

Slot carosels (round or oval sections of a number of slot machines surrounding a product itself or media about the product) that have a top prize other than money, are extremely popular.

Operators and regulators are looking to see if that type of lottery could bring in the younger player and keep them engaged.

Some of the top prizes or jackposts that the lottery industry is looking at include:

  • Trips/Vacations – Players would be able to win trips or vacations to specific places such as Italy, France, Moscow, Vienna, and such, or themed trips such as European tours, whale or dolphin watching, family/seniors/couples/singles types of vacations, beach parties, ship cruises, exotic locations, and other such places or themes.
  • Cars – Winners could play for the chance of winning a full out ownership, or specific date-length lease, of a luxury vehicle either chosen by the operator, or as chosen by the winner.
  • Motorcycles – Any type of high-end motorcycle could be offered to winners. Motorcycles such as custom made choppers, specifically designed touring or cruising models, or racing bikes could be very coveted top prizes.
  • Concerts – Everything from front row seats, seats to a sold out performance, tickets to a specific artist or location, exclusive backstage passes, photo ops, and possibly even dinner or one-on-one time with the performer.
  • Special events –Anything could be a top prize here from plays and concerts, to tours, wine tastings, or food festivals.
  • Electronics – Think brand new top of the line smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, gaming systems, home offices, routers, printers, speakers, tv’s, and much more.
  • Hotels – Awesome luxury stay packages in top rated hotels either near the winner’s home or in a faraway beautiful location, including meals, spas, shopping, and other amenities.
  • Restaurants – Winners could play for multiple meals at a high end restaurant, for two or four or for a whole bunch of friends and family.

Although cash is the top prize desired by most lottery players, some may want the opportunity to win these types of prizes as well.

Current players may want the opportunity to win something different, potential players may want to play the lottery for the first time now that prizes are being offered.

With the option of taking the prize or a cash equivalent, operators and regulators may see more income from lottery play that can go towards charitable benefactors, and more younger people playing the lottery.

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