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Crazy Lottery Statistics
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    William Monroe
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Surprising facts about the lottery

Lottery statistics are used to research current successes or failures with games, ticket purchasing, proceeds, and a myriad of other things to tweak the lottery and the games to cater to both the players’ and the operators’ desires. Did you know that there are other lottery statistics that are just plain crazy? There sure are and here are a few to amuse you while you buy and check your tickets.

Some Lottery Fun Facts

Lottery players tend to spend more money on lottery tickets than they do on all other forms of entertainment combined, and that includes slot machines, table games, and bingo. This attests to the elated attractiveness and excitement of the high jackpots of lotteries versus the lower amounts that can be won on other gaming, and even from other forms of entertainment such as books, video games, and music.

You would think that winning a jackpot would allow winners to afford to do some physical changes or improvements to their bodies. Some people want to change their noses. Others want a younger looking face or bigger, well, stuff. However, very few winners actually go ahead and get plastic surgery even though now they can afford it. One reason for this might be the fact that with the jackpot win, they have enough money to do what they want, so now they no longer desire to change how they look because it isn’t an issue anymore, and the money is what has improved their self-esteem.

Almost half of all winners stay employed at their current job. This seems a bit higher than we think it would be, but may be due to work ethics instilled into us by parents to always work no matter what. You have to work to take of your family. In the past, when you got a job as a youth, it was a career and you stayed with it until you retired at 65 with a great pension. Nothing, not even money, could alter that commitment. That philosophy still seems to filter down from parents to children to grandchildren. Some people think that if they quit their jobs then they will be bored and the job gives them something to do. They don’t stop to think that now with a lot of money, they can actually do anything they want and never ever get bored.

American Lottery Players

Players in the United States alone fail to claim about $2 billion in lottery winnings every year. Sometimes people totally forget about the ticket and it passes its one year claim period. Sometimes tickets get lost or destroyed and never get cashed in.

In New York state, more people buy tickets than any other state. Conversely, North Dakota sells the least amount of lottery tickets. You can say you understand the New York one. It has the biggest city in the United States and a large population throughout. Therefore, it has more people to potentially play the lottery.

Here’s an odd one; most people would choose finding true love over winning the lottery. The heart seems to triumph over the head when a choice is provided.

Crazy lottery statistics show us that the power of money can negate self-esteem issues but can’t compare to the need and want of love and companionship. Who would have thought?

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