Can You Win Powerball More Than Once? These Winners Did

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A common question Powerball players ask involves whether or not Powerball winners can win more than once. Check out these stories!

Powerball is unpredictable. It's a surprise to almost anyone who manages to become a jackpot winner. And that’s part of what makes it so fun to play. The odds reset for each game, essentially making it equally likely that any player becomes a big winner. That plays into the excitement a bit, too. Additionally, there are several ways to win a cash prize with Powerball, even if it’s not the ultimate jackpot. Despite the nay-sayers who say they stand a better chance of being struck by lightning, check out these Powerball winners who defied the odds not once but twice. It’s proof that you can win a Powerball prize more than once!

The Official Odds of Winning Powerball

Officially, any Powerball player has a one in 292.2 million shot at winning the jackpot. Technically, the CDC says being struck by lightning is just shy of one in a one in a million chance. So, those nay-sayers may have a point, in a way. However, Powerball players know the odds shift because of the various ways to play. And they also know there's more than one prize amount worth winning. The odds of winning shift in the players' favor for the smaller cash prizes. And in some cases, Powerball winners have actually managed to win more than once.

A Colorado Man Collects Twice

Joe B., a Powerball player from Colorado, won two independent $1 million prizes. As the news broke, the story unfolded. Joe had purchased one Powerball ticket at one retailer location. And he later bought another Powerball ticket for the same drawing, using the same lineup of numbers, from a different retailer. His deliberate play to purchase two distinct game plays with the same exact roster of digits paid off. He matched enough numbers to earn a $1 million prize, not once but twice.

A Delaware Man Buys Two Winners

Earlier in the year, a similar story took place in Delaware. Except, unlike Joe B. of Colorado, the Delaware Powerball player bought two of the same tickets by accident. What would have likely been a mistake later proved to be a windfall. Each of his identical tickets was worth $100,000 in pre-tax prize money. It ended up being a lucky accident sizable enough to buy a few new cars.

A Virginia Woman Makes the Same Multi-Million-Dollar Mistake

Similarly, a woman in Virginia mistakenly bought two separate Powerball tickets, each with the same roster of digits. Imagine her frustration when she realized she had accidentally purchased two games worth of the same numbers. Instead of costing her, though, her mistake paid off big time. Each of her tickets ended up worth $1 million, meaning she took home $2 million in cash prizes.

Winning Across Multiple Games

There are countless instances and headlines of other individuals who got lucky across different games altogether. From various charitable drawings and lotteries to scratch-off tickets and Powerball, you’ll find tons of stories of those who got lucky with back-to-back cash prizes in other games. Imagine how lucky those people feel to know they beat the odds in more than one arena to win cash!

Sure, the odds of winning the ultimate Powerball jackpot seem a little steep. But with so many ways to win other prize amounts, ranging from $100 to $1 million, Powerball is still fun to play. Lots of Powerball players win a little something, whether it’s life-changing or not. And in the case of these few Powerball players, they even managed to win more than one prize. This proves just how unpredictable gameplay can be, making it more fun and exciting to play. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next two-time Powerball winner!

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