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Can you Win Back to Back Jackpots
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    William Monroe
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Is it possible to win the lottery several times?

We all know that winning the top jackpot on any lottery is pretty much a longshot, and playing the lottery is more of an entertainment experience than actually an expectation of winning any prize. However, there are times when you can win the top jackpot, and in the next few days, weeks, months, or years later, end up winning the top jackpot again on the same game, or the top jackpot on another lottery game. Such luck is beyond probability, but has happened several times in the past.

Two Jackpot Wins?

For instance, one man who purchased scratch tickets once won $1.5 million. Only five months later, he won another $2 million on another scratch ticket. Most people are lucky if they win a large prize on a scratch ticket once in their lives. However, two jackpot wins in a short span of five months? The odds of that happening are staggering and yet this man was able to beat those odds. That was the same for another man who once won $5 million on a lottery draw, and just four years later, won another jackpot of $1 million. A couple won $3.2 million and few years later won $17.4 million. How did they do it?

Well, it was just pure luck. For some players, winning more than one jackpot within the course of a few years just seems to be a blessing bestowed upon them. The odds of doing it are extremely low and those that do either were born under a lucky sign or have the proverbial horseshoe within them. But some players do win top jackpots multiple times.

An actual back to back win, in which you win a jackpot in one draw and then win the jackpot again in the very next draw is super rare and beats all the odds. Back to back jackpots occur more often with slot machines than with lottery draws. Once a player hits a jackpot on a slot machine, and after being paid out, is asked by the slot attendant or supervisor to spin off the jackpot (to prevent anyone sitting at the machine and claiming to have won as the jackpot win would still be on the machine.) When they spin it off, on the rare occasion, hit the same jackpot symbols again and win another jackpot. Even rarer is spinning off the second jackpot and hitting it again for a third time.

If the Luck is With You?

It turns out that most people who play lotteries continue to do so after winning the top prize. They just don’t take the money and run as you would think, never playing the lottery again. They maintain their usual buying habits because for them, playing the lottery is fun, and winning any prize is simply a bonus.

So although people don’t necessarily win actual back to back lottery jackpots, some do win one jackpot after another. And who knows, you might be one of those people someday.

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