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Buying a Lottery Home – City vs Country
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    William Monroe
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Where should you buy your dream home after winning the lottery?

As a lottery jackpot winner, one of the things you most likely will buy is a new home, even if it's just because you now need privacy from the news cameras. Now, most lottery winners will end up spending a few million dollars of their win to buy or build their dream home. The question that they usually asks themselves is should we get a place in the city or in the country?

City Life

The advantages of buying a house in the city are many. Most amenities are available from early in the morning to late at night and sometimes 24/7 as well. Public transportation is so good in some cities that you don’t need a car to get around or commute to work, saving insurance and gas costs. Police, fire, paramedic, hospital, and clinic services are never far away. Schools, colleges, universities, and night courses are available throughout the city.

Housing is varied and dense, with current homes coming up for sale on a regular basis and new homes and communities being built all the time. Everything from small bungalows that will suit your lifestyle to huge mansions with fountains, pools, and tennis courts are available for your money.

The disadvantages of buying a house in the city start with the cost of buying a current or customer built home, the associated costs such as land tax, groceries, maintenance, mowing the yards, and such. Crime is higher. There might be a lot of pollution from industries.

Of course, even if you take public transit, the traffic can be a nightmare. City living is very hectic and fast paced. And most important aspect to consider is even if you get a very large house with a lot of land, you are going to have neighbours right around you and your property.

Country Living

Country living presents a more unique view in home buying. Homes are usually not pushed up to each other like in the city. Even if you buy a modest house that works for you, you probably won’t have any neighbours near you for half a mile or so. It will be quiet and serene and nature will be all around you. And things will cost less all around, saving those millions for other uses.

Rarely will there be any pollution and when you inhale the fresh country air you will feel so peaceful and at ease. Life moves at a slower pace, which is good for your health, both mentally and physically. There is a sense of community. Even though you might not have any neighbours, you will still need to go into town for groceries. People seem friendlier and talk more.

However, when you buy a house in the country, there are many things to consider that might influence your choice. You will definitely need a car to get around unless you can walk or cycle to town. Otherwise, you will need a vehicle to get there, and especially to make trips into the nearest city. Add on gas and vehicle maintenance costs as well. If you are used to having the mail delivered to your doorstep, say bye-bye to that. You will need to get into town to get all your mail. You will also have to go into town or the nearest city to get your groceries, grab a bite at a fast food joint, or dine at a restaurant. Delivery is probably not going to be an option.

With a smaller community base, you should believe the old story that anything that affects you or that you have done will quickly makes it way through the community and you could be shunned as an outsider who isn’t welcome. You might be labeled as the guy or the woman or the couple who live in that house.

Life is definitely slower in the country and if you are in a hurry for anything, it’s going to end up in a “hurry up and wait” situation. Cable and internet may be iffy, if you have any at all, and cell phone service may be non-existent, necessitating a move back in time to getting one of those ancient telephone things that actually plug into the wall so it can use wires to carry the conversation.

Some people are country people and some people are city people. Now that you have the opportunity to buy whatever house you want and live wherever you want, you should make a pro and con list, do some research, and list the advantages and disadvantages of both types of lifestyle. You just might discover that the one you didn’t think you would enjoy, would be your dream home’s permanent local.

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