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Buy, Invest, or Spend – What Type of Jackpot Winner are You
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    William Monroe
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Everyone behaves differently when they win the lottery!

Everybody who plays the lottery wants to win the jackpot. And if you end up doing it, after getting the money, the question comes down to what are you going to do with the money? Are going to throw it all in the bank? Will you go willy-nilly and buy houses, cars, take trips, and other things you don’t really need? Or will you use the money to buy a better house and car, and enjoy life a little easier?

There are three types of Jackpot Winner money personalities that you end up being: A Buyer, an Investor, or a Spender. Buyers improve on their life’s situation. Investors stash their money away. Spenders overbuy on luxury items. And when a large amount of money is won, what you do with it will dictate how well you will fare later on in life.


When we think of jackpot winners, we usually think of the person who is the buyer. This type of winner will take their money and start to replace things in their lives. They will look for a larger house to live in, nothing extravagant or costly, just a better, more spacious home that works for them. They will also buy a new car to replace the older one they, and most likely purchased used. The new car will have the most updated options, but is not anything close to being over $75, 000.00. They buy sligjtly more expensive clothes, and may also buy themselves some “toys” they have always wanted.

However, Jackpot winner buyers won’t just spend their money to make an impression on anyone, but they will buy things that they were never able to afford to buy before, and that might include more nutritious food as well. The majority of the money may be invested, or simply put into a savings account at the bank.


The investor type of lottery winner will keep any type of spending to a small degree, and will invest the majority of their winnings in various financial xxx to ensure their money is safe and is also making money for them. They might put their money into savings accounts or GIC’s. In fact, the smartest investors chose to put their jackpot winnings into guaranteed or almost-guaranteed interest return xxx. This way, the jackpot principal is kept intact and they live off the interest or the money made on the investment.

Investors can also be looked at as Savers. They are not interested in upgrading their lives at the moment. They want to secure their winnings and will upgrade only when the money comes in through interest income.


Spenders who win lottery jackpots are the most likely to use up their winnings in a rather short period of time. Spenders tend to buy things to make an impression on other people. They don’t look for a larger, more comfortable house to buy, they want to buy the huge mansion with ten bathrooms, and secret entrances and passageways. Instead of a nicer car, they go for sports cars that cost several times more and gobble gasoline at an insane rate.

They may go on many types of trips, inviting friends to come along and paying all of their expenses. They might even throw many parties with insane amounts of alcohol and food just for that fact that they have the money to do it.

If you do end up winning the jackpot in the lottery, your money personality now will dictate how you treat your new-found fortune. If you are a Buyer, you’re pretty much safe from spending all your winnings. You’ll upgrade your lifestyle but will make sure that most of your winnings are at least sitting in a savings account at the bank.

If you are an Investor, your money will be safely secured, properly invested, and will provide you with living income for the rest of your life. But if you are a spender, watch out. You might take that huge winfall and go through it before you realize it’s gone. Spenders should touch their money, so if you win you will need to get an accountant or investment firm to take control of the jackpot and allocate a certain amount of money for buying, and the majority for investing. If you don’t, that mansion and sports car won’t do you any good when they are gone and you are at the Food Bank

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