9 Powerball Tools To Help You Maximise Your Winning Chances

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9 tools to help you win the lottery
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    Shaun Greer
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Some tools to help your winning chances when it comes to Powerball

They say that the more Powerball tickets you buy, the more you increase your winning odds.

But it’s not always the case. Sure, it might improve your odds just a little, but let us tell you a secret. There is no golden rule for choosing winning numbers when it comes to lotteries.

Some people prefer to play hot and cold numbers. Others prefer to use the Quick Pick feature. There are those who stick to birthdays and anniversary dates, or players who try their luck with unlucky numbers.

While all these options have an equal chance of winning the jackpot, they’re also likely to see you sharing the top prize, if you are lucky enough to scoop it.

So, whether you’re a Powerball newbie or looking for some number-picking inspiration, here’s a look at our favourite Powerball tools that might just maximise your winning chances.

Keeping Things Common

There are various “common” ways to pick your Powerball numbers.

Firstly, the Common Combos tool helps you identify which numbers are drawn together the most, hopefully meaning they’ll come up again and give you a chance of at least a tiered prize.

Next up are Common Numbers, those balls that are drawn more often than others. This tool will also show you the least commonly drawn numbers.

Then there are Common Trios, a tool that shows you which three balls are most often drawn together.

Lucky Numbers, Hot and Cold and Couples

Lucky Numbers allows us to help you pick your lucky Powerball numbers. When you use this tool, it generates multiple sets of numbers for your next lottery entry.

The Hot and Cold Powerball tool determines which numbers are drawn most frequently and which ones are well and truly overdue.

If you have a favourite number you always play, have you ever considered it might have a friend? The Number Couples tool tells you which balls are often drawn next to each other.

There is also the Last Drawn tool that will tell you when that favourite number of yours last appeared in a Powerball draw.

If you want even more options and plenty of data to help you pick your numbers, there’s always the Number Investigator, a standout tool that helps you make an informed combo choice.

Similarly, the Powerball Number Analysis gives you a full rundown of numbers, including frequency, jackpot wins and the number of days since it was last drawn.

Increase Your Winning Odds Further

Once you’ve gone through the various Powerball tools, many lottery enthusiasts recommend sticking with the same numbers from draw to draw. They claim that their numbers will eventually come up. It might just boost your winning odds.

If that sounds a bit mundane, why not join a lottery syndicate. Or set up one up with your colleagues or friends. Each of you contributes a small amount weekly with the hopes of multiplying your chances of hitting the jackpot. Before you scoff at the idea, consider this. Most of the biggest lottery jackpots in history have been won by syndicates who buy bulk amounts of tickets.

If you are serious about winning that next big Powerball jackpot, or any other of the Powerball prizes, or you just want to boost your chances, you need to purchase lottery tickets.

Regular entries with your favourite numbers, Quick Pick or using any of the tools we’ve mentioned, joining a syndicate or sticking to the same numbers for every draw are the best ways to maximise your winning chances.

How to Check If You’ve Won

Finally, the Have I Won Powerball tool answers the most important question – have you won, at least anything? This tool checks your numbers against Powerball draws to bring you the good news, or at least spur you on to keep trying your luck!

Check out our Powerball tools at Powerball.ca and boost your winning odds.

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