Animals and the Lottery

How animals can benefit from and help lottery winners
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Animals and the Lottery
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    William Monroe
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Lotteries are not just about us human apes winning a bunch of money and buying cars, houses, and going on world-wide luxury trips. For our other ape cousins, and the rest of the animal kingdom, lotteries are held to benefit those furry and hairy creatures. There are many humane societies, animal sanctuaries, and other animal welfare agencies that hold lotteries to raise money to support their activities and provide food, water, shelter, and medical care to abandoned, abused, injured, and sickly animals. There are varying types of prizes, mostly monetary, from (as an example) $100 to $10,000. All the proceeds form the sales of lottery tickets go towards helping these creatures. Although the prizes do not rival the millions of dollars that regular human lotteries do, the odds at winning a prize are better and you end up helping animals who really need it.

Animal Dreams are Lucky

If you happen to dream about an animal once, or quite often, which animal you dream about could be very lucky for you. For instance, did you know that in Chinese culture goldfish have always been associated with good fortune and wealth? The Chinese word for fish is similar in pronunciation to theword for wealth, and having goldfish or twenty in your home can help with increasing your prosperity.This may explain why in so many Chinese businesses you can find large tanks or huge ponds filled with goldfish and koi fish.

If you have the privilege of being allowed to live with dogs, then these companions are considered lucky due to their unconditional loyalty and love. Dreaming of dogs, either yours or someone else’s, could be a sign that good fortune is on its way.

Everyone knows that horseshoes can bring a lot of luck into your life, but did you also know that horses themselves are considered a lucky symbol? If you dream about horses then you are dreaming about an animal symbol that represents good luck, good fortune or personal success.

If you dream of elephants, then you might be invoking the god good luck and fortune, the Hindu god Ganesha who takes the form of the elephant. Dreaming of elephants may mean that Ganesha is blessing you with wisdom, greatness, good luck, and prosperity.

You might not think that dreaming about mythical animals would be lucky, but for three of these types of creatures, they all have their lucky persona. The unicorn a symbol of strength and purity and in many parts of the world, it is considered a bringer of good luck. Like the goldfish, the dragon is an important part of the Chinese culture and brings protection, strength, and good luck to those who dream of it. The Phoenix attracts love and good luck due to its symbolization of renewal, rebirth, and overcoming darkness.

If you dream about an animal, the next day would be a good time to go out and buy a few lottery tickets. You don’t just have to dream about the above animals. Put up a picture of your animal on the wall or wear a shirt with a picture on it. You could also wear a pendant or have a figurine in your house. Surrounding yourself with the imagery of one or more of the above animals could bring you good luck in the lottery, or give you numbers to play that you might see associated with them in one of your dreams.

Let Your Pets Bring You Luck

Some people use their pets to pick their lottery numbers. Using pets to pick numbers is novel, unique, and entertaining way of choosing your lottery numbers. Try putting numbered ping-pong balls in bowl and have your dog pull balls out one at a time. Or lay down some cat treats on the floor in numbered circles and see which ones your cat goes to to get the treats. Write down the numbers and play them for your lottery draws. Just remember to give you pet a really good treat when your numbers hit.

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