What You Need To Know About Number Couples

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what you need to know about number couples
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    Shaun Greer
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Number couples, number patterns and how you can follow them

There seems to be a pattern behind everything. From the ripples created in the sand as the wind blows over it, to a pinecone’s scales, there is even a pattern in lottery numbers.

One popular pattern when it comes to the Powerball lottery is known as number couples or pairs. These are the numbers most commonly drawn together.

The Most Common Powerball Number Couples

Number couples could just help you to win at least a lower tier prize. So, they’re worth analysing.

The most commonly drawn Powerball number couples are 9 and 23; 15 and 27; 20 and 42; 32 and 41; 15 and 26; 15 and 43; 5 and 22; 13 and 19; 22 and 32; 23 and 42; 10 and 45; 13 and 27; 14 and 22; 15 and 16; and 17 and 45.

Each of these pairs has been drawn over 30 times.

Choosing the Best Numbers When You Play Powerball

There are a number of strategies you can follow to maximise your winnings – or maybe minimise your losses, depending on how you look at it.

Firstly, try to avoid numbers that appear in some sort of arithmetic sequence. More people are likely to go this route, which means if you do, you’re more likely to have to share your prize. While random numbers are the way to go, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a couple of, well, Powerball number couples to boost your winning chances.

Avoid shapes. The numbers on your lottery ticket are usually shaped in a certain way. There are plenty of players who like to create geometric shapes when choosing their combinations. Powerball number pairs might not form a pretty shape, but they might just give you a shot of at least winning a little something.

Odds and Evens Aren’t Always The Way To Go

Take a look at those common Powerball pairs we mentioned earlier. Notice how they’re a fairly random combination of odds and evens?

According to some experts, it’s good to choose a mixture of both odds and evens when it comes to choosing your lottery numbers. It’s a lot more likely to pay off, since its seldom the case that you get all odds or all even numbers in a draw.

When it comes to lottery games like Powerball, choose a couple of even numbers and then make the rest odd numbers, or the other way around. The idea is to have a good spread.

Superstition Works, Too. Sometimes

There are plenty of players out there, and you may be one of them, that believe some numbers are just bad luck, especially numbers 13 and 17.

For example, the number 17 is considered an unlucky number in Italy. That’s because when you write it out in Roman numerals as XVII, it creates the anagram VIXI. Loosely translated from Latin, that anagram means “my life is over.” But, 17 might just the lucky winner for you – you don’t know until you try.

Hot and Cold Numbers and Couples

While the pairs we mentioned are “hot” couples, as in those that appear frequently, you also get cold numbers. There are players who prefer to play cold numbers, or even cold number couples, precisely because they haven’t been drawn frequently.

If this strategy resonates with you, go ahead and try it. You don’t know until you play.

Frequently Drawn Number Couples

In dozens of lottery games, winning number couples have been generated within weeks and even months of each other, sometimes even in consecutive lottery draws. But it’s nothing more than chance.

While such repeats might not happen for every draw, it’s good to remember that the Powerball lottery is a game of chance and luck, and if it’s on your side, your number couples might just score you the next big jackpot.

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