A Lottery win can mean Access to Celebrities

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A Lottery win can mean Access to Celebrities
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    William Monroe
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how a lottery win can have you moving with the rich and famous

Ever wanted to meet your favourite celebrity? In normal life, it rarely if ever happens. But once you win the lottery, having all those millions of dollars gives you a better chance of doing so.

Just because you want to meet your favourite person is not an excuse to actually do so. There should be an actual goal to have a meaningful relationship with them that benefits them in some way.

Access to the Rich and Famous

The one thing you don’t want to do is to ask the celebrity for anything. Trying to get a celebrity to have you in their next movie or let you talk at a product unveiling is not only a bit rude but also a good way for the celebrity to shun you forever. They meet these types of people all the time. Your goal is not try to gain your own personal agenda through their accomplishments and successes, but to benefit from interactions with that celebrity

The best way to meet and make friends with a celebrity is to provide to them something that they need, want, or require. Don’t look at what they can do for you, but for what you can do for them. Get them talking about what they want in their lives and career and see if you can help them out with it. Are they unable to find the right house? Are they interested in hiring private security? Have they been searching for that one specific collectible vinyl LP for years? You may have different ways of finding those things for them, or know someone who does. When you are able to find what the celebrity is looking for, or offer something that they might be interested in, the celebrity with be impressed and will have respect for you and your work. This means they will talk you up when interacting with others.

At this point, as a rich person, you can throw a party and invite the celebrity and allow them to bring guests. They may just come alone, bring their spouse, or bring other celebrities along with them. Regardless, this is the chance to meet them face to face for social or business conversation. You now have the opportunity to discuss more about what the celebrity is looking for, and you can offer some suggestions on how you can get it. Invite them to a lunch or dinner, your treat of course. Remember, it’s not what they can do for you (free dinner) but what you can for them (free dinner.) And don’t just automatically splurge on a restaurant that serves soup at a hundred dollars a bowl. Discover what type of food they like, and make the location consistent with their likes. Some celebrities are quite happy to discuss things over a McDonald’s combo meal than a steak and lobster dinner.

At the lunch or dinner, after discussing their wants and needs and your ability to fulfill them, ask to set up a meeting for further discussion on what you can obtain for them and the logistics in you getting it to them. A formal meeting is your chance to demonstrate your desire to help them obtain their goals. It has nothing to do with you. The celebrity will be impressed with your a ability to help them out and will want to return the favour. Be cool and calm and let them know your desire, but keep it very reasonable. Invite them to attend your mother’s birthday party as she is a big fan of theirs. Ask if you think another celebrity might be interested in meeting with you to see how you can help them. Offer to donate to their favourite charity, or volunteer (yes volunteer, don’t look for any compensation) to help with their charity or an event.

Whatever value you can bring to a celebrity with your new found money is the way to get into their inner circle and meet them face to face. The more value you can provide for them, the closer your relationship may become. Cater to their needs, volunteer your time, find what they desire, and eventually your relationship with that celebrity will grow closer, and you might just end up having them as a friend for life.

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